Exploring The World Of Green Diamond Jewelry

Natural green diamonds are much rarer than natural white diamonds; each year, a small number of them are introduced to the jewelry market. Naturally, this affects the exorbitant cost associated with buying a real green diamond.

If you are planning to buy a piece of green diamond jewelry whether for yourself or for a loved one, then you are on the right page as this article discusses the basic key information you need to know before purchasing one from bespoke jewelers such as Astteria.

The Origin Of Green Diamond Jewelry

The question of origin is never too far when talking about diamonds. This is because where they came from or how they are made directly affects the price tag attached to them.

With regards to natural green diamonds, they are considered to be one of the rarest colored diamonds and are typically mined from South America or Africa. However, they can also be found in other locations.

Artificial green diamonds, on the other hand, are laboratory-grown. As they are man-made, they can be produced in controlled quantities so they can be supplied according to the demand of the market. This makes them less expensive than their natural counterparts.

The question, however, is whether artificial diamonds can easily be distinguished.

Experts say that artificial diamonds are so well-made that it is difficult to tell with the naked eye which is which. When compared side by side with a natural diamond, one can hardly tell the difference, making them a great alternative in case you want to be practical with your purchase.

What Makes Green Diamond Jewelry Extraordinary?

The green color of a diamond, in itself, is what makes it extremely sensational. Fancy light green diamonds have a very alluring vibe to them, but there’s just something about an intense vivid green color that makes a piece of jewelry very striking and leaves a lasting impression.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) asserts that radiation exposure is the source of a green diamond’s color. With the stone coming into contact with radioactive elements, natural green diamonds are often only found on the stone’s outer layers. This implies that the size of a green diamond will affect its likelihood to lose color brilliance and uniformity.

The Largest Green Diamond Jewelry To Ever Exist

As of writing, there has only ever been a few notable pieces of green diamond jewelry to make notable appearances to the public. There is the Aurora Green Diamond which was made public way back in 2016 which was the most expensive green diamond to have ever been sold at a public auction. It was a 5.03 carat, rectangle cut, VS2 clarity, Fancy Vivid Green diamond that sold for an amazing $3.3 million per carat.

Green diamonds are not a stranger to rich histories as well, as the Dresden Green Diamond– the largest green diamond ever to be made is 40.70 carats and has a pear-shaped cut.

It is the largest genuine green diamond ever discovered. It was also assigned a clarity rating that is almost flawless and faultless, further increasing its value and significance in the diamond world.

Important Factors To Consider When Buying Green Diamond Jewelry

As previously mentioned, origin is one of the most telling factors affecting the value of a green diamond. However, like any other diamonds in the market, they are also governed by the rules of the 4Cs.

To assess a diamond’s retail worth, the diamond industry grades and categorizes its attributes. As a result, the 4Cs contribute to determining the diamond’s overall cost.

A diamond’s purity is determined by its clarity, its form and cut determine its sparkle or the way light enters the stone, and its weight is determined by its carat.

When assessing a green diamond’s color grade, factors including the stone’s hue and degree of color intensity should be taken into consideration.

Below are the range of color for green diamonds:

  • Faint Green
  • Very Light Green
  • Light Green
  • Fancy Light Green
  • Fancy Green
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid
  • Fancy Deep

When a diamond is offered in a retail setting, the stronger its hue, the more valuable it will be.


Due to their scarcity and high price, green diamonds are very valuable and renowned. Only a very limited number of high-quality green diamonds are known to exist, making them extremely unusual and unique.

Well-known high-end jewelry shops like Astteria carry a vast selection of green diamond jewelry where you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for you to wear on any occasion.