Embracing The Most Popular Wedding Trends Of The Year

Wedding planning is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful things you will ever do. It’s also one of the best things you’ll ever do, but it’s no secret that weddings can be incredibly stressful. The problem is that there’s so much that needs to be organized and planned. Which means that there’s a lot of pressure to get the ball rolling as early as possible.

The only issue with this is that for a lot of brides, knowing what type of wedding they want can be a real issue. Should you go for a themed affair or is something more traditional a better idea? To help you get started planning the most amazing wedding, we thought we would share some of the most popular wedding trends of the year.

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Food and drink:

These days, everyone’s a foodie. If you want your wedding breakfast to be a success, it must be Instagrammable – aka beautiful in every way. Of course, taste is also important, but this year it’s all about artsy presentation.

This season, it’s all about sit down meals. But we’re not talking classic meals. Oh no, this time around couples are opting for make-your-own meals with servers bringing a selection of foods to each table. This allows guests to pick what they want to eat and what they’d rather not have.

As for the champagne reception, champagne is no longer the drink of choice. Instead, most couples are opting to serve his and hers cocktails. These often tend to comprise of a mixture of the couple’s favorite cocktails.

Another trend that’s seen a lot of traction this year is adult ice lollies. A great refreshment option, many couples are opting to have frozen cocktails on offer for their guests. If kids are in tow, it’s also worth serving a child-friendly option as well.


As well as having a wedding photographer in tow, a lot of couples are now opting to get a little more creative with their photos.

This year, photo booths are once again all the rage. These are a great way to make some of the day’s photos fun and casual. Plus, the props that most photo booths come with add that extra element of fun to photos.

Once again, personalized Instagram hashtags and Snapchat filters for weddings are another big thing. With lots of couples opting to create their own hashtag to share with guests, as well as investing in their own customized Snapchat filter.


Just like last year, the on-trend decor is pieces that are smart, stylish and fun. Floral displays are a big thing this year, as is beautiful and bold lighting. Chandeliers, hanging light bulbs, and fairy lights are all popular lighting options. This year, lots of couples are opting for colored lighting to give their venue a soft glow.

Once again, the hottest decor trend for weddings is artsy displays. The more beautiful and unique the decor, the better. The pieces don’t necessarily have to be new; vintage decor has become an incredibly popular trend.

So there you have it, all the most popular wedding trends of the season.

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