Eight Terrific Wedding Dress Trends for 2020

Every bride wants to look fantastic on her wedding day and the dress is a great place to start. Today’s brides want to look modern and unique. They should choose their dress carefully paying close attention to the current trends.

If you are getting married soon, you are probably stressing over the type of dress you will choose. Well here are the modern trends that you should be looking out for to make sure you are a stand out on your wedding day.

3D Florals: Flowers on your centerpieces, flowers in your bouquet…how about flowers on your dress? Today’s florals aren’t merely embroidered into the fabric, they are sewn on to provide an utterly feminine look and sense of dimension to your silhouette.

wedding gown
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Ball Gown: The ball gown in the most classic type of wedding dress and fashion experts predict this is a fashion that won’t be going anywhere. These dresses, characterized by tight bodices and voluminous skirts, and perfect for creating a fairy tale look that will make any bride the center of attention.

Capes: This year, it’s goodbye veils, hello capes. A full-length bridal cape or shorter capelet can be perfect for giving your look a sense of movement that utterly fashion forward. Another bonus; capes are easy to take off when you’re ready to hit the dance floor.

One Shoulder Necklines: If you’re going for the Greek goddess look, a one shoulder neckline will be the way to go. These work well with almost every style wedding gown but can look especially alluring when wearing heavy satins, gauzy tulles or glam statement dresses.

Crepe: Crepe is defined as a silk, wool or synthetic fiber fabric with a distinctly crisp appearance. It provides a stretchy yet structured look that is universally flattering and great for the modern bride. It goes well with looks like boho bell sleeves, avant garde capes and off the shoulder necklines.

Feathers: Taking glam to the next level, today’s bridal looks feature ostrich feather-like wispy plumes that soften the look of your gowns. Dresses can be feathered head to toe, or you can incorporate a few to get the ethereal vibe you are looking for.

Puffy Sleeves: The re-emergence of 80’s fashion has brought back a puffy sleeved look that works well on wedding dresses. These look great with a sleek silhouette. And the best part, many are detachable so you can remove them for added comfort during your wedding party.

Short Dresses: If you are dying to show off those killer legs and want to give your wedding a fun and casual vibe, no one says your wedding dress has to be full length. A shorter skirt is fun, flirty and the height of fashion.

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A Killer Wedding to Match Your Modern Look

If you are going for a modern look for your wedding day, you’ll want to make sure to provide a theme to match. Today’s weddings go beyond the traditional with edgy color palettes, statement wedding cakes and an emphasis on eco-friendly living.

Although musical entertainment is still preferred over any other type of entertainment, couples are looking for bands that can provide a unique element. There are many bands available that can play a wide range of music or put their own spin on well known tunes to take them to the next level.

If you are looking to give your wedding a more modern vibe, your dress is a great place to start. Think of out of the box fashion choices that fit your style and carry it on into every element of your special day. We wish you the best of luck starting this new chapter of your life.

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