Easy Ways To Cut Costs Of Your Wedding (If You Are On A Tight Budget!)

With the rising costs of weddings (the average is now over $26,000), we are always looking for ways to cut back. After all, you don’t want to pay for the wedding for years to come. But it can be hard when you don’t want to compromise on quality. Here are some easy ways to cut costs of your wedding if you are on a tight budget.

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Go handmade with table decoration and favors

You will be surprised that guests tend to remember table decorations that have been handmade as they are more unique. Therefore, it’s time to get creative to make your table decorations. For example, you can easily create confetti from old wrapping paper and magazines which you can scatter around the tables. Also, you could make something to give away as favors. It could be something you have baked such as a cookie or a cake which they can eat after the wedding breakfast. Or we even previously suggested giving them bubbles which are always a fun activity!

Plan your wedding out of high-season

Everyone aims to have their wedding in the summer months when the weather is great. But venues know this, so they put the costs up higher for the months of June, July, and August. Therefore, to cut costs why not looking at Autumn instead for your wedding. You are bound to find a beautiful autumn wedding venue which won’t cost a fortune during this low-season. The good thing about the season is that it is still quite warm so that you will still be able to get some great pictures. You could even go for winter and then have a Christmas themed wedding!

Cut down on your wedding guest number

It’s so easy for your wedding guest number to spiral out of control. By the time you add families and partners, you can end up with a number which is way out of budget. Therefore, you need to sit down and look at your list properly. You should cut off people you haven’t seen for ages or feel obligated to invite. They can still come to the evening do, but it will save you the cost of paying out for their wedding breakfast. Some people won’t mind just coming to their evening as it’s less pressure for them. You might want to make it a kid-free wedding, which can also reduce your number!

Choose a common color for your flowers

You might think you want to go for a color for your flowers which is totally out there. But it might mean it will be harder to get hold of. For example, blue and purple flowers are hard to find, so it might mean your florist will add 20% extra to your bill. Therefore, go for a common color such as a pink or a yellow which will help you to cut some costs! Also, make sure you choose flowers which are affordable all year round such as roses.

Also look for students to conduct the photography and video for your wedding. There are so many talented students out there who will do a great job for a small price! Therefore, get in contact with your local college or university.

Submitted on behalf of Modern Weddings