Don’t Let Wedding Planning Get On Top. Why Choosing The Perfect Venue Will Help You

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Are you planning a wedding? There’s a massive pressure to get everything right on your big day. A huge part of getting your wedding perfect is picking the right venue. It’s surprising how much things come together once you’ve got the perfect place picked out. Being able to see the site, and picture your day, will be a great help in getting preparations underway.

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Picking the venue is the first step in ensuring your wedding setting is how you’d like it. Having a particular place in mind will make it much easier to imagine decoration and theme. Knowing what type of venue you’re after is half the battle. There are so many great locations out there. Narrowing your options down to a particular venue type is a must. Do you want a church wedding, or are you just after a stunning hotel or country house? There are some beautiful options available. Wedding venue – Clevedon Hall is a perfect example of a hotel that hosts weddings. A wedding hotel can be a fantastic option if your guests are travelling from far afield. It’ll allow them to stay on overnight without worry!


With your wedding venue decided upon, start focusing on how to decorate or theme your wedding. Taking pictures of your venue when you visit is an excellent idea. Images allow you to revisit the setting whenever you need. If you want a wedding theme, your venue can play a huge part in this. A grand place could be perfect for a fairytale-esque marriage. Alternatively, a venue set in woodland could be a great excuse for a nature theme. If you’re not going for a theme, pick a colour palette that suits the venue. Look at the pictures and try to envision what decorations would look best on the day. Imagine where tables will be, and try to see your guests already there!

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Knowing your venue can also help when planning photographs. Is there a specific garden where you would love your photos taken? Do you want to stand with the venue as a backdrop, or are the grounds what appeal to you? Most wedding photographers will have suggestions of their own, but it makes their job easier if you have suggestions. After all, it’s your photographs, and you only get one shot at getting them perfect!

Don’t hesitate to pick your ideal wedding location. The best venues get booked up well in advance, so book as soon as possible. Having a date set can also bring fantastic shape to your planning. It’s easy to go crazy with the plans when you have an indefinite period. Having a set date in mind will focus you and ensure you make all the necessary preparations. Booking your venue and date is also a great excuse to send out invites. Knowing that the date is official is an exciting time when planning. Get that venue booked and start looking forward to your dream day!

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