Don’t Let The Most Important Day Of Your Life End In Disaster!

Celebrations, happy tears, and driving off to start your happily ever after. That is how most folks want their wedding day to play out. Sadly, this perfect vision of your big day may not be what you are in for because not every wedding goes to plan. Happily, you can minimize any chances of ruinous disasters on your wedding day by following the advice below.

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Pick the right venue.

One way to minimize the chances of something going wrong on your wedding day is to pick a venue that can offer an integrated service, especially one like Aqua Reception Hall that can offer a wedding coordinator that can handle a lot of the organizational jobs for you. A service that means you are free on the day to enjoy your time, and if any issues do occur there will be someone there to deal with them in your place.

Also, be sure to look for venues that have as many in-house amenities as possible including photography, florists, and event entertainment options such as photos booths. After all, if these services are linked to the venue, they will be well practiced in doing these type of events, and so the risk of anything going wrong is significantly reduced.

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Think of the stress you can avoid with a venue that offers in house services like floristry.

Seat problem guests far away.

Next, if you want to steer clear of disasters on your wedding day, you may have to resort to some smart seating arrangements. Yes, I know it would be nice to think that because it’s your special day, friends and relatives that don’t necessarily see eye to eye will be on their best behavior. However, this isn’t always how things pan out, particularly if there is alcohol involved. To that end, if you have divorced or separated couples that are still struggling with animosity it’s best not to sit them at the same table.

The same goes for those college friends, that while tremendous fun on a night out, or kegger party, have the tendency to get rowdy as the night goes on. Just seat them toward the back of the room, or intersperse them with others that they don’t know. Something that should slow them down enough for you to at least, get through the speeches without any major incident!

Do take some time to calm yourself.

One of the biggest disasters that can ruin a wedding day is when the bride or groom, the two most important people, are so stressed that they don’t actually get to enjoy themselves! Imagine spending all that time and money on a single day and then not having a good time!

Tragically, it does happen, especially for people that don’t enjoy being the center of attention, or that struggle with anxiety. Although the pressure can even get too much for those that are usually calm, no matter what!

That is why it’s crucial that you take some time for yourself both before the wedding and even on the day itself to get calm and centered. If needs be, you can schedule this time in, along with some time for you and SO to connect, just the two of you. Then you won’t get swept along with the wedding day chaos and will be in a much better mood to enjoy all the hard work you have put in for your special day.


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