Ditch Wedding Customs For A Custom Wedding

Something that is original and truly your own isn’t always the easiest thing to create for a modern wedding, what with so many trends being adopted by current brides. However, it is possible to have something that is customized to your taste, with a little of your personality running through it if you follow the guide below. So just read on for some inspiration.

White dress vs. colorful dress

A traditional wedding custom in the Western world is to have a white, or off-white dress. The symbolism behind this is that signifies the purity of the bride, and while some folks still use it for this, times have changed, and for many, it is more of a fashion statement.

However, if you feel that a white or ivory dress is a little dull why not try something more colorful that better suits your personality. Popular hues include gold and silver for the luxe factor, and many bridal designers are quite enamored with blush and wisteria blue wedding gowns, that still have a romantic bridal look as well as being colorful.

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If you want to completely customize your dress in term of color then why not try dip dying it like the examples here? As this is a great way of truly making it reflect your aesthetics for your big day. You can also work with a reputable wedding dress designer to create your dream couture wedding dress for your special day. Consider someone with extensive knowledge of various fabrics used in wedding dresses, exceptional dress-making skills, and qualities like attention to detail. If you’re having trouble finding the right professional, begin your search in your preferred search engine with keywords like ‘custom wedding dress Melbourne’ if you live in that city or another nearby city. 

Traditional rings vs. custom designed

Traditional wedding rings are plain bands of gold and platinum. They symbolize an unbroken circle and therefore a lifetime commitment between the couple wearing them. Of course, for those with an eye for design and flair, a boring old band just isn’t going to do, and that is where the chance to design your own and add embellishments comes in.

With the help of a jewelry designer, you can create something wholly original and meaningful for the both of you. Something that will also go with you everyday wear too, and this is important as you are going to be wearing it all the time for the rest of your life.

You can even add embellishments like additional metals and diamonds into your wedding rings to make them truly customized. Check out these wholesale diamonds and others like them for your design. Then you can ensure you get the best quality for your custom design without blowing the budget on one single item.

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Tradition veil vs. cute headpiece

A veil is a very traditional garment in a wedding for the bride to wear. The custom being that she wears it over her face as she walks down the aisle, and it is then lifted by the groom after they are married.

The symbolism behind this is that it shows he is marrying here for what is inside as well as her beauty. However, you certainly don’t have to wear a traditional veil if you don’t want to.

Consider instead a hat customized to your wedding theme. Check out some of the guides online for some help if you want to make it yourself for that added touch of personalization.


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