Cute Ways to Coordinate Bride and Groom Wedding Outfits

Working out outfits for the bride and groom can be one of the toughest parts of the planning. Traditionally, the groom isn’t meant to see the bride in her dress until the big day. Much of the time, this stretches to the groom not seeing the dress at all. However, you still might want to take some steps to coordinate your outfits for your wedding. You might have picked a themed wedding so you both need themed outfits. Or perhaps you want to ensure you have some touches of color that match each other. If you want your outfits to show that you’re a couple, here’s what you can match up.

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Styles and Themes

Some couples pick a theme or particular style for the wedding to follow. They could also be following cultural guidelines or norms. If you do this, you’ll want your outfits to follow along the same theme. You might both be wearing traditional Hawaiian clothes, or maybe you’ll be dressed in vintage Hollywood clothes. You might want to choose your complete outfits together to make sure they coordinate. Maybe you’re even going to match your outfits completely to fit in with your theme. You could even dress up as two characters from a favorite movie or book if you’ve chosen something out of the ordinary.


For a more subtle approach to outfit coordination, many couples want to match colors. Although the bride usually wears white, there’s still plenty of room for color. Firstly, not all brides want to wear white. And secondly, accessories such as jewelry or hair accessories can be colorful. You could match these things to a groom’s pocket square, cufflinks, tie, or even socks. You can have a couple of subtle touches of color that tie your outfits together and show that you’re approaching the day as a couple. There are bigger ways to match color too if the bride chooses something other than a white dress. She might be in a colorful sari or a tartan dress.

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Flowers give you another great way to tie your outfits together. The bride usually carries a bouquet, with the groom wearing a boutonniere. You can pick one flower that’s in the bride’s bouquet to go in the groom’s lapel. It will probably be a flower that you’re using elsewhere in the ceremony. The bridesmaids or the groomsmen might have them too. However, you might choose to have them just for the two of you.

Cute Ways to Coordinate Bride and Groom Wedding OutfitsSource: Petr Krotchvil

The Rings

While they’re not technically part of your outfit, once you put them on during the ceremony, you will have the rings on all day. More than that, you should have them on for the rest of your life. Not all couples have matching rings, but you could still coordinate. If you pick a simple white gold wedding band, it’s easy for both of you to wear similar rings. You might pick masculine and feminine styles or wear the same ring in different sizes.

There are several ways to coordinate the couple’s outfits at a wedding. You can do it subtly or go all out.

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