Creative Ways For A Memorable Wedding

bride and groom(image: pixabay)

If you are looking to get married in 2017, you may be interested in some of the latest trends. Many people are forsaking traditional wedding ideas, going for the creative and unusual instead. The wedding is a milestone in people’s lives so it may as well be memorable. If you are thinking about getting married shortly, here are a few creative ideas to add to your excitement.
An Inviting Day

As your wedding is one of the most exciting days in your life, you need people to know about it. Send out bright, eye-catching invitations with glow in the dark colours, making sure people won’t lose them. You don’t even need to use paper. Be creative and send personal invites with names carved into wood, inscribed on plexiglass, or woven into handkerchiefs.

A Time For Giving

Many couples give out welcoming gift bags to their guests. Instead of handing something to them, why not set up a room filled with sweets, snacks and other goodies and let your guests choose what they want, pick and mix style.

A Day For Fashion

Recently, sparkly gowns have made a dazzling comeback, as well as the traditional ball gown (probably something to do with the new Beauty and the Beast movie). Many people are opting for bright colours to make them really stand out, instead of the traditional neutral pastel shades.

A Green Day

It is becoming increasingly popular to hire a wedding venue in beautiful woodland areas, enabling the bride and groom to share their vows under the stars. Can there be anything more magical? Of course, if you are unable to do that, you can replicate the experience inside, with potted trees and twinkling fairy lights.

A Time To Arrive and A Time To Leave

While you may not want to skydive into your wedding (your hair will be all over the place for starters), why not create a memorable photo opportunity with a grand entrance. Arriving in a horse-drawn carriage will make you feel like a princess. And when you leave, head off on the back of a motorbike with the groom at the helm, or for something more romantic, a bicycle made for two.

A Time For Fun

You know how awkward it can be when the guests aren’t mingling, and your families are barely speaking to each other. Encourage people to be more social with a few games. Entertain your guests by playing some lawn games outside. If inside, have a mock game show and test your guests on their knowledge of the happy couple.

In the evening, hire some entertainment or utilise the talents of your family and friends with a cabaret performance. Have some fun with it, and if you don’t like the act, buzz them off in the style of Simon Cowell.

A  Time For Love

Of course, the real reason for a wedding is for the happy couple to show their love for one another. Instead of the traditional vows, express the way you feel with your own words, perhaps through poetry and song.