Could You DIY To Disaster?

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It’s fair to say that so-called DIY weddings have become a staple of the modern wedding scene. You can’t flick through Pinterest without seeing ideas for every conceivable wedding-related item being made by the bride and groom, from the cake to the dress – everything is up for grabs.

There’s something beautiful about these weddings, which is no doubt contributing to why they are so popular. Rather than ordering from a premade catalog that was conceived of by someone you will never meet, you and your intended can infuse your wedding with personal touches that you have created together. It can give the day a special extra meaning.

Of course, there’s also the cost element – DIY weddings are so much more affordable than handing over extortionate amounts of money to those who do this professionally. So you can save money and make your day more meaningful – what could be the problem?

Unfortunately, there’s quite a few – they just get lost in the romance and idea of saving cash! So while you should DIY to your heart’s content, there’s a few things you need to be aware of before diving right in.

  1. You Might Not Be Able To Make It As Well As The Pictures

It’s a harsh reality but it’s one every bride has to face up to: you’re not a professional and you can’t expect that you will be able to produce professional quality items. In a way, that doesn’t matter – it’s all part of the DIY charm – but if you’re a perfectionist, make sure you’re really okay with this.

  1. You Can Easily Overload Yourself

By far the best way of adding DIY elements of your wedding is to do it just like that, as elements, rather than the whole event. For example, you could design your own wedding invitations but leave the flower arrangements to the florist. If you try to take on every single area of the wedding, then stress and disappointment is going to be inevitable. It’s simply not possible to do everything at once.

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  1. You Will Need Help

If you choose a few areas to proceed with and DIY, then you’re probably going to need help at some point. This is especially true if you choose to DIY items like wedding favors that need to be individually packaged. You might think it’s fun the first time, but by the 80th, you’ll hate the entire concept and yourself for coming up with it. Luckily, your wedding party should be ready and willing to help provide some people power to the process – so don’t be afraid to admit you’re struggling and need a little help.

  1. Take Practice Runs

This is especially necessary for anything that involves expensive materials, such as invitations or your bouquet. You don’t want to fly right in there working with these materials from the off – choose to perfect your ability with cheap, disposable materials. Only when you’re confident you know exactly what you’re doing should you move onto the real thing!

So go ahead and add DIY elements to your wedding – many brides do, and they love them. Just keep the above in mind and you won’t go far wrong!

Submitted on behalf of Modern Weddings