Coordinating Jewelry with Your Outfit

Some women appear to be born with the knowledge of how to put the perfect outfit together. Other females, however, struggle with this task their entire lives. They need help and don’t know where to turn.

Personal shoppers found in many stores become of great assistance to these ladies. However, the time may come when the woman wishes to purchase one or more items and a personal shopper isn’t available. She flounders in this situation. For example, she might find an outfit she loves that she knows will look good on her. However, she doesn’t know which jewelry to wear with it.

Certain retailers offer jewelry combo sets and Adina’s Jewels has more options than competitors. Check them out today, and use the following guidelines to help in coordinating jewelry with any outfit. Women who use these guidelines find creating the perfect outfit becomes an easier task.

What Does It Mean to Coordinate Jewelry?

A person might assume coordinating jewelry means matching it. Any woman can match clothing, but stylish women use some creativity when putting outfits together. Matching the outfit tends to be boring, and no woman wants to fall into this category.

When coordinating an outfit, women need to look at the big picture. Where are they going, what activities they will be engaging in, and who they will be with play a part in what items they should wear. Keep this in mind while reading and visualize the big picture. Doing so makes it easier to understand the concepts introduced.

Special Occasions

Women love to dress up for special occasions. However, they must follow the theme or dress code for the event, if there is one. Special occasions women often dress for include weddings and holidays. What should be worn at times such as these?


Determine where the wedding will be held. If the happy couple is marrying on a beach, casual clothing will suffice. This doesn’t mean jean shorts and a tank top, though. Consider the solemnity of the event and dress accordingly. Any accessories worn with the outfit should be light and natural. This is the bride’s big day and no guest should outshine her. For this reason, bold statement pieces aren’t considered appropriate. Choose delicate pieces that blend in with the outfit and don’t stand out to avoid problems. To shop for more delicate pieces, head down to your local jewelry store and choose an elegant pair of pearl earrings or a timeless diamond necklace.


Figure out where the holiday will be spent and who will be attending. Christmas with the family calls for comfortable clothing in most cases. Adults and children will mingle so now is not the time to pull out the designer dress and precious gems. On the other hand, New Year’s Eve at a trendy new club is the perfect time to pull out the revealing dress and colorful jewelry. If bare skin is showing in the midriff area, add body jewelry for a touch of flair. When the New Year’s Eve party is held at a formal venue, choose gold and silver pieces rather than colorful ones. They can be decorative but don’t go over the top.

Casual Events

Casual events call for less formal clothing. However, women still need to choose their accessories carefully, as business casual differs from smart casual. Understanding what is appropriate with each type of outfit ensures the right accessories are selected every time.

Business Casual

Business casual clothing includes items one might wear to the office on less formal days. Men and women should wear solid colors and avoid patterns that are bright or busy. They are distracting in the workplace. Once the color choice has been made for the outfit, selecting the right accessories becomes less of a challenge. Women should stick with small earrings rather than statement pieces.

Determine what work will be done that day. If the computer will be used, rings and bracelets need to remain unobtrusive. Nobody wants to hear a worker’s jewelry constantly hitting the keyboard as they type. Furthermore, never wear ankle bracelets to work. Although they are appropriate for many situations, they look out of place in a professional setting. This is not the time to draw attention to the feet.

Smart Casual

Visiting a restaurant, taking in an art museum with friends, or going on a day trip requires a woman to wear smart casual clothing. Anything goes when it comes to the bottom, as long as she doesn’t throw on a pair of shorts, and this bottom is paired with a nice top. The jewelry worn should provide a slight contrast to the clothing selected for the occasion. Dark outfits look great with brightly colored jewelry. Go with small, conservative pieces so they don’t overwhelm the outfit. Choose pieces with a touch of sparkle to add flair to what would otherwise be a plain outfit.

Everyday Wear

When it comes to everyday wear, women should wear the accessories they love and feel comfortable in. This is the time to pull out those pieces that may be distracting at work or ones that are very bold and draw attention everywhere the woman goes. Obviously, a woman wouldn’t want to pull out her best pieces to wear to the park with kids, but inexpensive pieces serve as a great choice in this situation.

The same goes for the grocery store. Keep it simple so you can go about your activities without worrying about your jewelry. You’ll find you get more done when you don’t have this concern, and life is busy enough without adding unnecessary stress.

Before heading out to purchase new jewelry, assess the clothing currently in your wardrobe. Using the above guidelines, think about what pieces would look best with these outfits. This gives you a starting point in your search for new jewelry.

However, don’t be afraid to branch out. If a woman sees a piece she loves, she needs to purchase it immediately. That way she doesn’t miss out on great new earrings, a ring, bracelet, or necklace. If the piece doesn’t go with many of her clothes, it can always be worn for a day around the house or out with friends taking a walk. There’s no need for it to sit in a jewelry box when there are so many ways it can be worn.