Common Wedding Stresses And How To Survive Them

When you first got engaged, you probably had a very clear idea of how your wedding planning was going to happen. In your head, you and your husband-to-be sat together on the floor in pyjamas, cutting and sticking your wedding mood board together. Then, you made a few quick phone calls, and voila! Everything was booked and now all you had to do was turn up on the day. If you are currently mid-way through planning your own wedding, you will know just how wrong this is. It’s ironic that planning for what is meant to be the happiest day of our lives is just so darn stressful. But, don’t let it ruin your big day! There are ways you can avoid some of the most common pre-wedding problems, and ways you can cope should you find yourself faced with any issues.

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Your groom isn’t helping. AT ALL.

This is a pretty common problem most new brides face. Whilst you are slaving away over venues, dresses, flowers and catering, your fiance simply sits there on his Xbox for the fourth night in a row. It is very easy and tempting to fly off the handle in these scenarios. But, sit back to think before opening your mouth. Consider if you and your partner have actually discussed anything OTHER than the wedding since you’ve been engaged. If the answer is no, you haven’t, your partner may simply be feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all and scared he will do something wrong if he gets involved. To solve this issue, sit down with him in a calm environment to delegate some tasks to him – he will probably actually enjoy being involved with the planning. Also, remember to schedule at least an evening a week where all wedding talk is banned! It will help keep your relationship on track in the run up to your nuptials.

You can’t find the right venue 

Finding the perfect venue is arguably the most difficult part of planning your wedding.Trying to find places that meet all your needs and that are relatively close to each other can be a logistical nightmare. This is why so many couples these days are coming to companies such as Roswell event venues. Having your wedding taking place all under one roof hugely simplifies proceedings. It can also save you money, as you won’t need to provide transport to ferry the wedding party from ceremony to reception.

You parents are trying to take over…

…or worse, HIS parents are. If you are the first of your parent’s children to get married, it will be an exceptionally exciting time for them. They will want to be involved in your big day as much as possible, and will only consider it ‘helping’ rather than ‘muscling in’. Many parents do feel like they have a stake of sorts in the wedding if they are partially funding it. But if you feel like your parents or your in-laws are trying to take over. It is best, to be honest, but perhaps not quite brutally honest! Speak to them calmly and explain that although you appreciate their help, it is your wedding, not theirs. That being said, let them be involved to a certain extent – it is important that your parents don’t just feel like they are being used for funding the wedding.


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Your bridesmaids are planning a horrendous bachelorette party

Even though it’s supposed to be a secret, you’ve managed to get wind of the plans for the bachelorette party. To your horror, it’s nothing like what you thought it would be. Perhaps you were wanting something a bit risque and cheeky, but you’re just all going out for dinner. Or maybe, you wanted something fun and adventurous, but you’re being whisked away for a weekend of clubbing. To avoid this situation happening in the first place, it’s best to write down a list of potential ideas for your party, and then get your chief bridesmaid to choose from the list.

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