Here Comes the Guide (to Saving Time When Planning Your Wedding)


Wedding planning and arrangement can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. Of course, most people don’t tend to focus very much on that! But if you’ve got a wedding on the horizon, then it’s best for everyone if you employ some time-saving methods. (Especially because they’re the type of things that will often save you money, too!)Go with your gut

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that people spend so long planning and arranging a wedding is that they often care so much about what other people are thinking, or might think. When you’ve got other people on your mind, you tend to take longer to make even the simplest decisions. Remember: this is a day for you (well, and your partner), so try to trust your instinct a little more with your wedding decisions. You’ll be happier – and it will save time!

Look into wedding packages

If you really want to make this quick and as stress-free as possible, then you could simply look online for wedding packages. There are websites out there that offer packages which include the venue, the food, the invitations, accommodations – heck, some even throw in wedding clothing! For those who aren’t notoriously picky about every single element, this could be the best time-saving advice. (Although I doubt a lot of you will fill that criteria!)

Plan everything carefully beforehand –  but get started asap

When you don’t approach a project with a thorough to-do list and a plan of action, then you end up spending a lot of time dilly-dallying instead of taking action. You might end up doing some things out of order, or both forgetting to do something, or both doing something only one of you were supposed to do! This being said, a lot of couples make the mistake of spending too long on the planning stage instead of getting to work. Don’t make this mistake, either.


Get help for the big day

It’s best to look into good deals and packages for assistance with various tasks for your wedding day. One of the obvious things to consider here is food. There are loads of catering companies out there who can help you out in this area, but make sure you check their terms and conditions as well as independent customer reviews to ensure you’re hiring a reliable company. Photography is also something that tends to take a lot of time when you entrust the task to attendees. You could save everyone a lot of time on the day by hiring a photographer.

Identify wastes of time

Let’s face it: there are some tasks that couples lose themselves in that really don’t justify the amount of time spent on them. The wedding invitations are one example. Yes, it’s worth getting unique ones. But when they’re overly elaborate, things start getting a little awkward. After all – and this may not be nice to hear, but it’s the truth – most people end up throwing them away eventually! Invitations are such a small part of the whole process, so don’t get too caught up with them.