Color In Your Wedding With These Bright Ideas

Do you want to make sure that your wedding looks bright and wonderful? Then you should think about adding more color to your wedding design. Adding color is a great way to make sure your wedding stands out and is a touch more unique than some of the same old ceremonies with more traditional style choices and options. Let’s look at a few of the possibilities here that can really make your wedding stand out.

Add Rose Petals To Your Wedding Aisle

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This is a great option that you should discuss with your local wedding florist. A great florist might be able to add some beautiful rose petals to your wedding aisle. This is a fantastic way to decorate and design a seemingly plain aisle running and make sure it looks absolutely gorgeous. You can choose the colors of the petals to match the other floral designs for your wedding or have something completely different. It’s entirely up to you.

Match Colors With Your Outfits

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You can also think about making your wedding look classy by matching the color of the outfits that people are wearing. An example of this would be the bridesmaid dresses. You can match this to the ties or even the color of the suits that the groomsmen are going to win. A choice like this really brings a wedding together and makes it look like everything has been designed by a professional. This isn’t the only color you can match of course. You can also ensure that your accessories match your groom’s as well playing with different shades to find the perfect look.

Alternatively, consider having your wedding party dress for the season. In other words, if you’re having a summer wedding, butter yellow bridesmaid dresses are going to look fabulous. Or, for a winter wedding, you might consider pale, ice blue dresses to match the season of chills.

Be Your Something Blue

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Having something blue on your wedding day is something of a tradition. Often, this will be covered or concealed and small enough that people barely notice. Sapphire jewelry is a particularly popular choice. But why not go one step further and instead opt for a beautiful blue wedding dress. There are some stunning options on the market to choose from that could make you look like a princess on your big day.  

Add Variety With Your Bridesmaids

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Or finally, how about giving the bridesmaids some choice with their dresses. It’s something of a tradition that the bridesmaid dresses should be hideous so that the bride stands out even more. However, if you are confident that you are going to stun no matter what, make sure that you give your bridesmaids a little more choice when selecting what they wear. By doing this, you should, hopefully, get bridesmaids in various colored dresses bringing a certain amount of pop to your wedding photos. With a trick like this, you certainly won’t have to worry about people thinking that your wedding ceremony is dull or plain.

We hope you love these ideas as much as we do and enjoy adding some extra color to your big day.


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