Choosing Your Wedding Colour Scheme


When it comes to planning a wedding, you will likely start thinking about the colours you want your wedding to be quite early on. The colour scheme of a wedding always includes the decorations, the outfits, the room and even the flowers, so it is a big influence on the overall tone of your day. If you are getting married in the next year or two, here is how to pick your colour scheme.

  1. Be Inspired by The Venue

The first thing you will want to consider when thinking about your colour scheme is your ceremony and wedding reception venue. The venue you choose for the wedding might already set a certain tone, and this will likely influence what colours you decide to go for. For example, if you are getting married by the beach you might want to choose pastel colours to blend in with the soft setting. If you are getting married in a grand house you might want jewel colours such as ruby red and gold. It is up to you and you will be able to get a lot of inspiration when you see the venue.

  1. Have A Starting Point

Many people choose the colour they want for their wedding by having something that they already want to use. For example, if you know that red roses are your favourite flower, you might want to use this as your starting point and fit the rest of the colour scheme around this. This way of thinking can make it much easier to ensure that you choose a great colour scheme and one which you have always dreamt of.

  1. Think Seasons

The season will always influence the type of colours you want to have at your wedding. Right from the off, different colours suit different seasons so it might be easier to go with the season and set your wedding up like this, for example here are the colours which most suit each season:

  • Spring- soft pastel pinks, blues, yellow, green, orange, white, lilac
  • Summer- pastels and bright colours. Yellow, red, green, blue, orange, pink, purple, white
  • Autumn- warm toned reds, oranges, gold, yellow, brown, white
  • Winter- festive colours, red, white, green, gold, silver
  1. Set the Mood
    When you are setting up the colours and the decorations for your wedding you need to think about setting the mood for the day. If you are planning a certain theme for your day you will want to ensure that the colour you choose is fitting with this. For a fresh, millennial wedding you can go for rose gold, green and white for a sleek tone: and for a dramatic murder mystery style wedding, you can choose bold colours like red, purple and gold.
  1. Choose What You Love

After all, your wedding will be a day you look back on forever through images and memories, so you will want to make sure that the colours you choose are colours that you genuinely love and ones which are your favourite.

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