Choosing the Right Bridal Dress for Your Body Type

Choosing the Right Bridal Dress for Your Body Type

You wedding day is that one day when you as the bride are the centre of attention. For this occasion, you want to not just look your best – you want to look perfect. And for that you need the perfect bridal dress.

However, just because a bridal dress looks good in a catalogue or on a hanger, it doesn’t mean it’s going to look good on you. You need to buy a wedding dress that is perfect for your body type.


If you are small and have a petite frame, then you need a dress that is simple and fitted. Bridal dresses that have full skirts, or ruffles, or have too much detail will make you look even smaller, and you will be swamped by all that fabric.

The best styles for you would be trumpet, fit and flares, columns, and empire waistlines. Even the super-difficult sheath dresses would look stunning on your body type.


You can either choose a bridal dress that smooths out your curves, or you can accentuate your lovely curves. Asymmetrical pleating, cummerbund waistlines and ruching can help flatter your figure. And when you add a v-neckline or a scoop neck to your dress, you will take bring the focus to the top part of your body, away from your waist.


If you are top-heavy, then avoid deep necklines as that could lead to embarrassing spillage. Shoestring straps are also a bad idea as your breast will not get enough support. A scoop, sweetheart or even off-shoulder necklines will look wonderful on you.

You can even use lace to cover your bosom too. The idea is to take the focus away from your breasts and create a more balanced look.

Small Bust

If you have small breasts, then you can be more daring and opt for a bridal gown with a plunging neckline. You can even have a bridal dress designed with a jewel neckline. However, it is best to avoid sweetheart necklines, as they will highlight your bust and make it look even smaller.

Apple-Shaped Body

The perfect wedding dress for you is one that brings attention to the upper part of your body. A-line bridal dresses will look good on you, but the best style for you would be empire-waistline dresses.

Pear-Shaped Body

The perfect style for you is an A-line bridal gown. If you feel conscious about your curves, then you can even try a Grecian-style wedding gown; it will drape very nicely over your body and take attention away from your hips.

Avoid dresses that will bring attention back to your hips. This means form fitting bridal dresses such as mermaids and trumpets are not a good for your body type.

Hourglass Body

You can actually wear any type of bridal dress you like, but if you want to really flaunt your perfect curves, then go for the mermaid, the trumpet, the fit and flare, or even the deadly satin sheath!

Slim, Straight Body

You can create the illusion of curves by choosing a gown that brings focus to your waist, such as ball gowns or even sheath dresses. Adding embroidery or detailed work to your gown will also enhance the illusion of curves, as will contouring.

Final Notes

This is going to be your big day. Do not worry about size and focus on highlighting the parts of your body that you like the best. Never choose a bridal dress because it is trendy. Choose one that flatters your shape and make you look, and more importantly, feel good.



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