Catering Options for Your Big Day

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When you start planning a wedding, you have a whole lot on your mind. You need to book a venue, find a dress, have a cake made, and start organising a guestlist. It can be easy to start feeling overwhelmed and to lose track of what areas you should focus on early in the process. But don’t forget the catering! Remember that the day has to be a brilliant experience for your guests as well as yourself, and tummies are going to start rumbling as the day goes on if sufficient food and drink isn’t provided. You need to provide sustenance for everyone throughout the day in order to prevent people wandering off in search of a quick snack. Now, you have plenty of options available to you. Here are some of the most popular that you might like to consider!


The majority of weddings tend to offer guests a selection of canapes. These are small nibbles carried around on trays and offered around at regular intervals throughout the day. Remember to offer vegetarian and vegan options too! Many guests miss out when the happy couple fail to remember their dietary needs.

Sit Down Meals

If you only have a small number of guests attending your big day, you might want to consider a sit down meal. This adds a touch of sophistication to proceedings and also gives everyone the opportunity to sit down and (if you create a seating plan of your own) have proper conversation with people they may not have spoken to otherwise. You will generally have to use an on-site catering company to achieve this, as sit down meals need to be prepared within the venue to prevent food from being cold by the time it arrives at the tables.


If you have a larger wedding party and want a more casual vibe that is less intense for your guests at the same time as supplying a wider food selection for guests, you might want to consider a buffet. This gives people more choice, as they can browse different trays of food. They can also eat as much as they like without having to worry about asking for more!

Food Vans

Street food has taken off in the past few years and you might want to incorporate this trend into your big day. When we think of food vans, we may well think of a greasy burger van, but nowadays, there are all sorts of delicious food van options out there. Some can offer comfort food like mac and cheese. Some will have healthy options like Buddha bowls. Others could offer toast and tea later in the evenings. Browse the different options out there and consider hiring one to keep your guests well fed with small portions throughout the day.

Novelty Machines

Novelty machines tend to bring a smile to the faces of kids and adults alike. A candy floss machine, chocolate fondue fountain, or popcorn machine will generally go down a treat! Rather than buying one outright, you’ll generally be better off hiring one for the day, as you’re unlikely to get all too much use out of any of these things after the big day!


It’s easy to get caught up with food, but you need to remember that guests will get thirsty throughout the day too! Generally speaking, it’s best to run a bar where guests can get drinks throughout the day. You can opt for an open bar, or you can request that guests pay for their drinks depending on your budget. Make sure that there are non-alcoholic options in the evening as well as alcoholic options. You may also want to provide everyone with a glass of celebratory champagne for the toasts!

These are just a few different options that you should consider when planning food and drink for your wedding. There are alternative options out there, but all of the options mentioned above do tend to experience profound success!

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