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Jennifer & Stephen’s Rustic Wedding

rustic wedding

This rustic wedding was set at the woodsy Canopy Creek Farm in Ohio. The space has a beautiful outdoor area perfect for ceremonies and an open posts and beams barn for the wedding reception.

Ellen & Zac’s Nature-Inspired Wedding

Photo by Duy Ho |

Nature served as the inspiration for Ellen & Zac’s summer California wedding. The church and reception venue’s architectural design was the basis of the decor.

Jane & Phillip’s Romantic Wedding


The soft white walls of the venue set the stage for Jane & Phillip’s romantic wedding. While New York City has an atmosphere of busy and harsh, this wedding is the complete opposite.

Tina & Keith’s Spring Wedding


Bright pops of color create the perfect spring wedding for Tina & Keith. The weather was perfect in March, allowing an outdoor ceremony at the beautiful TPC Sawgrass, a PGA golf course.

Dorene & Ed’s Purple Wedding

Photo by: AO&JO Photography (

Purple is the key theme in today’s wedding: orchid flowers to linen napkins to bridesmaids dresses. Paired with a white base, the color popped for Dorene & Ed’s wedding.

Mary-Kate & Dan’s British Wedding


With guests from all over the world, the groom’s British roots was the inspiration behind Mary-Kate & Dan’s international affair. The bride’s statement shoes and the groom’s cake both adorned the British flag.

Sally & Neil’s Literary Wedding

© Sarah Tew Photography

This literary-inspired wedding took place at the Paper Factory Hotel, which was an actual paper factory in another lifetime. This venue was the center of their eclectic wedding day inspiration.

Jayme & Alex’s Glam Wedding


Jayme and Alex ‘s wedding is a mixture of natural and glam. We love the ceremony backdrop of exposed brick paired with the bold initials and garland.

Beat the Casino Odds for Your Bachelorette Party


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Ashley & Chase’s Beach Wedding


To retreat from the Canadian cold weather, Ashley and Chase wanted to have their wedding at the beach. They chose Palm Beach, Florida because they visited one Fourth of July and fell in love with The Breakers. Their small destination wedding was exactly what they envisioned as they said their own vows among their closest friends and family.

Katie & Brian’s Desert Wedding


Just like Brian’s proposal (see the full scoop below), this desert wedding was fun and festive. Set in Palm Springs, California at Colony 29, the couple showcased their love of being outdoors.

Laura & John’s New York City Wedding

© Sarah Tew Photography

As an editor at Real Simple, Laura’s wedding to John in New York City was bound for creativity. With the “city that never sleeps” as inspiration, possibilities are endless. Even though the venue was indoors, the floor-to-ceiling windows created a waterfront feel. 

Gina & Carmen’s Musical Wedding

Scianni- Intorre Wedding

Gina had a vision for her wedding: a Jean Harlow-inspired affair with simple elegance. The bride and groom hosted the reception at The Mansion on Delaware Avenue, a luxury hotel in Buffalo, New York. She purchased the first gown she tried on at The Bridal Garden in New York City, a not-for-profit bridal boutique. 

Julie & Denis’ Country Wedding

Photo by ChantalBenoit
Photo by Chantal Benoit


Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_00O2785ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_00O2840ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_00O2876ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSC0502ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSC2610ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSM7491ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSM7499ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSM7500ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSM7507ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSM7509ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSM7511ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSM7518ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSM7526ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSM7539ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSM7546ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSM7557ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low Brisson_Hamel_Chantal_Benoit_Photographer_DSM7588ChantalBenoitPhotographer_low

From the photographer: July 17 is the day Julie would walk down the aisle and marry Denis at the church in Casselman.

The day started with photos of the groom and his boys in a park in Casselman.  They all looked handsome and were very entertaining.

Julie was surrounded by her family and friends and all her nephew and nieces. The bridesmaids looked radiant and their coral dress and flowers from Passiflora. Perfect color for a summer wedding.

Chelsea & Cameron in Beautiful Lace

Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0797_lowToday’s romanic southern plantation wedding happened at Magnolia Gardens in Charleston, North Carolina by photography company Valerie & Co. Photographers.  We loved the lace and drapery theme throughout the celebration! From the Bride & Groom:

Chelsea Hébert and Cameron Moore- married July 19th, 2014 at Magnolia Gardens. Our love story started over three years ago. Cameron is from Knoxville, Tennessee, and moved to Charleston for a landscaping job, not knowing a soul. I was born and raised in Charleston, but wanted to meet new people.Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HebertMooreWedding0053_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0953_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0497_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0417_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0410_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0407_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0404_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0387_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0373_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0372_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0369_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0308_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HebertMooreWedding0116_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HebertMooreWedding0062_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HebertMooreWedding0037_low In May 2011, we both decided to take a chance, and joined the online dating site, Plenty of Fish. From that first date to the Riverdog’s game, we knew we had found something truly special. We instantly felt comfortable with each other, and every moment was filled with talking and laughing. We became pretty inseparable after that!On May 19th, 2013 after two years of dating, he popped the question at the end of my parent’s dock on John’s Island- one of our favorite places to spend time. When he opened the box, I was blown away. I may be partial, but I think it’s the most gorgeous engagement ring on the planet! It is unique, romantic, and vintage.