Canadian Engagement Ring Superstitions

Old wives’ tales and superstitions exist everywhere. Canada, in particular, has some superstitions on Vancouver diamond rings. If you’re getting engaged, it might be interesting to learn about these beliefs.

What do these superstitions mean? How should you wear your engagement ring? Should you believe what you hear?

Your engagement should be hopeful and joyful. Don’t be afraid to acquaint yourself with common superstitions. Learn more about them below.

Why Engagement and Wedding Rings Are Being Worn on the Left Hand

One thing to note when wearing luxury engagement rings in Canada is that they are like the UK. A lot of ring wearing traditions from the UK are also observed in Canada. This also goes for other British ring-wedding traditions like the one below.

King Edward VI in 16th century England declared wedding rings on the left hand. This was in response to the Church of England breaking away from the Catholic Church. The change was to help the Protestant Church distinguish itself from catholic practices.

The Lore When it Comes to Love and Luck

When buying engagement rings, it’s important to know the meaning behind it. In some cases, there are certain beliefs in using diamonds that some still talk about until now.  It can be fun to know and understand where these beliefs came from.

• Diamonds Can Bring Bad Luck

When you had a diamond engagement ring, it was bad luck to remove or alter it.

• Diamonds as Tears of Gods

People regarded diamonds as amulets that help provide courage and strength. They give you invincibility and can even ward off spirits as well as night demons. Wearing them on the left-hand increases its protective powers.

• Diamonds Can Cause Cheating

Some say that when a woman lets another woman try her engagement ring, it’s a bad omen. That woman can have the power to steal her to-be groom.

• Diamonds as Poison

There have been accounts of people using pulverized diamonds as poison. They would sprinkle it on someone’s food to cause death. One reason why diamonds are lethal is that their sharp edges can cause abdominal pain.

• Diamonds as a Tool to Detect Honesty

When the light of the diamond dims, people believed that someone was lying. When it shines bright, someone is telling the truth.

Why Diamonds Are Still Perfect Engagement Rings

“Should I find other engagement rings near me?” You might ask yourself this. Knowing the superstitions, you don’t have to avoid diamonds at all. These legends and beliefs won’t mask the brilliance and beauty of diamonds. The fact remains that diamonds are long-lasting and very durable!




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