Building Body Positivity for Your Wedding

Body positivity is one of the defining movements of the new millennium. It postulates that all people deserve to feel good about their physical body, regardless of their shape, size, or other appearance-related factors. In a way, body positivity is the ultimate act of self-kindness—a quality that can protect you from the harmful effects of perfectionism. If your big day is coming up soon, and you are keen to feel beautiful just the way you are, the following tips will ensure you meet your mark.

Avoiding Crash Diets

In past decades, crash dieting prior to one’s big day was the order of the day. Ask any nutritionist, though, and they will tell you that trendy diets (such as ultra low-fat or low-carbohydrate regimens) can lead to various health risks. These include gallstones, loss of lean body mass, nutritional deficiencies, and “the rebound effect,” in which one puts on more weight than one lost. Consume an antioxidant-rich Mediterranean diet, which comprises lean meats, fruits and vegetables, pulses, nuts, and healthy fats like cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil. This type of diet can promote healthy hair and skin, allowing you to literally glow from within on your wedding day.

Ensuring Your Dress and Undergarments Are Comfortable

Nothing can ruin an important personal event faster than wearing something that is too tight, hard, or otherwise painful. Invest time in finding a dress that makes you feel beautiful, but that also enables you to move, sit, and walk around with ease. If you will be wearing supportive underwear, make sure it is soft and stretchy. If you like the idea of a push-up bra, opt for one with gel inserts instead of metal underwiring. Lingerie design has come a long way over the past five years, with many pieces providing support without being rigid or uncomfortable.

Take Your Bridesmaids Into Account when Choosing Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Embrace body positivity in all aspects of your wedding fashion, including bridesmaids’ dresses. Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach to dresses, if possible, take your bridesmaids’ wishes into account. Everyone has a different body shape and not everyone may feel comfortable wearing the same style. The idea is for everyone to be in a celebratory, relaxed mood on your big day.

Post Positive Affirmations on Your Mirror

The mirror can be the place where we experience the most judgment and self-criticism. Every night, post a new affirmation you can look at when you wake up in the morning. Write down phrases such as “You are beautiful,” “You are perfect just as you are,” or “Love your body.” You can also create a mood board, including imagery of body-positive celebrities who are confident and who promote acceptance of all body shapes and sizes.

Body positivity is a powerful movement that is taking over the fashion and beauty worlds. It espouses that you are beautiful right now, without the need for changes. To boost body positivity on your big day, take care of your health, rest well, and extend the same kindness to others as you do to yourself.