Beyond The Big Day – External Items To Boost Your Overall Wedding Experience

Once the excitement of getting engaged settles down, the reality of planning a wedding sets in.

While there are a lot of aspects to master, there’s no doubt that it can be the most enjoyable time in your lives too.

One of the best ways to ensure it lives up to expectations is to extend the fun. Do this by unlocking the true potential of the moments before and after the day itself.

The fact of the matter is that the wedding itself will leave you on cloud nine regardless of the more delicate details. Here’s how to ensure the other crucial moments achieve the same outcome.

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Celebrate In Style

This will hopefully be the last time you ever get married, so you should be allowed to fully embrace the excitement and positivity. Engagement photographers like Andrea Matone can capture your love during this crucial moment in your lives. Whether you use those images for the wedding invites or merely keep them for your memories, this is a truly special way to start the journey.

If nothing else, it helps you both get into the right frame of mind before starting the planning process for the big event itself. With the right mindset, the process becomes far less daunting.

Embrace Friends & Family

 First and foremost, the wedding is about the love and unity of two people. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t alter the fact that you’ll want to include your friends and family. Bridal showers, bachelor parties, and pre-wedding activities are crucial. Your loved ones will be immensely excited about your wedding and are desperate to see you off in style. So do not exclude them.

 Besides, some of the wedding preparations can’t be done as a couple. Sharing moments like outfit shopping with friends and relatives makes the whole event more exciting.

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Remember Lost Loved Ones 

Every couple wants their wedding day to be unique and memorable. Sadly, most can relate to the fact that not everyone we dreamed of sharing the magic with us is still around. Creating a wall with photos to remember those that have passed on is the perfect way to commemorate those people. It will make it feel as though they are still here to join the biggest day of your lives.

It’s not for everyone, but it is something that can remove what is probably the hardest part of the wedding day. Do not underestimate its potential impact for a second.

Do Something Productive

The average wedding costs around £25,000-£30,000. While you certainly deserve to have a magical day, it is possible to do this on a far smaller budget. And those funds can be used to support causes you care about. Alternatively, asking guests to make donations via Just Giving rather than buying gifts can work wonders. Do you really need three toasters and four kettles anyway?

There’s no reason to feel forced into taking this option. Still, it can be a great way to ensure your wedding brings good to the world for years to come.


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