Tips On Choosing The Best Wedding Gown For Your Style

Your wedding day is one of if not the most special occasions of your entire life. A moment that you’ll never ever forget and be hard-pressed to surpass. Some women have been planning their wedding day since they were teenagers. After finally having met your prince, those dreams are now finally becoming a reality. Absolutely every single thing about this day is your flavor, taste, style, mood and personality. You have control over everything because this day is yours and yours only. You want to feel like a queen, in a romantic fairytale that you just wish would go on forever.


Before you pick the location, addressing the theme is the priority. It all depends on your personality when you’re deciding the central theme of your wedding. To get your creative juices flowing, here are some examples of themes you may choose to follow. It could be on a  Caribbean beach at sunset,  But no matter what, mix around, shape it, do whatever you like; the world is your oyster.

outdoor rustic weddingPhoto – Nova Wedding

You could go the rustic route. A wedding in the countryside, with green open fields, the smell of the cool, crisp air. You could hold the ceremony at a beautiful country manor house, which has a long path up to the driveway, amplifying the anticipation. You could take your vows outside or inside with this option. If this sounds like your thing, don’t forget planning the date and month are crucial; you don’t want it pouring down with rain halfway through taking your vows.

A vintage style wedding is bold yet classy; especially since decor designed during the Victorian Era, is incredibly beautiful. Hand-crafted oak chairs, crystal chandeliers, large, long thick brown tables made from aged oak wood, candles standing up in polished brass holders lighting up every table. This kind of wedding is all about chivalry, honor and an upper-class feel.

If the lights of the inner-city have captivated you like a moth to a flame, you have more options than you might think. Ceremonies can be held at the top of tall buildings or inside an urban gothic styled church. This kind of wedding is a statement that you are modern, eccentric and gutsy.  

bride and sailor times squareImage – Angela Webb

The dress!

A recommendation, don’t focus on trends and follow your heart, as you want to look back in 10 or 20 years time and be proud that you stayed true to yourself. Besides, trends go in and out of fashion, but your choice will be unique to your style. If you’re unsure and want advice or simply want a consultation to try on various designs, seek companies like When trying on a wedding dress for the first time, it helps to picture yourself at the altar among the decor of your chosen theme and location. Bring along a close friend of family member to help your fitting and for a second opinion.

The upper body

The upper body of a woman should be supported while flattered by the dress she wears. A wedding dress is best worn with an elegant manner. By all means be bold, show off your curves if you wish, but who says you can’t do it with subtlety and humility?

Strapless neckline

A strapless neckline dress is designed to fit rather snugly as you can guess; there’s no support for the dress around the neck or shoulders. The dress is hemmed-in under the arms and stitched or fastened secured around the back. A strapless dress flatters the upper body, and elegantly tapers the bosom.

strapless wedding dress

Source – Wedding Dress Factory Outlet


An ever so cute design, whereby the bust is in the shape of a heart. This style is mainly designed to accentuate femininity and romance. As the neckline is bare, it makes for a sweet, innocent teenage sweetheart appearance. If your chin is angular, the tapering of the chest softens and balances out your facial features.

Single strap

Also known as the halter neckline, this dress has subtle supporting inner patch lines that hug the ribcage. If you’re a woman with a petite cup size, the dress lifts and supports the breasts better than dresses that are strapless. Depending on the width and thickness of the fabric, it can either be a single strap, or two separate straps from either side meet and tie a knot in the middle. If your neck is long and you wish to draw attention away from that area, this dress would achieve that goal.

Photo by – Mathilda Samuelsson

Square vs. V

The square dress is a neatly lined dress with three linear edges which blend of crossover. The square neckline is focussed more toward a large or busty woman. Any other dress might be susceptible to an unflattering cleavage. However, because of the underlined box shape, this dress design is particularly strong. Therefore it’s able to be worn snugly yet tastefully.

The lower body

The bottom half of a woman’s dress is supposed to flatter her derriere, hips, and legs. So, be mindful of bringing along your measurements and samples of any fabrics you’ve taken a like to.

bride and groom legsSource – Pexels


A long dress, designed for the hemline to skip along the floor. This would be an excellent choice for the slender woman with slim thighs. As the dress is able to be pinched and tapered, an ancient Greece look is achieved for this style.

The princess

Made by three long overlapping sheets of your chosen cloth, the princess style pushes the hip line outward and flows down in a triangular shape. Each lining of overlapping material can be customized with a strap of gold for a splash of extravagance. This style suits the larger woman and gives the legs room to move without becoming uncomfortable as the day goes on.

The flower

Very similar to the straight; however, the hemline is shaped like the outside of a flower. The dress is sectioned in long strokes as if the dress at shin height was in the configuration of flower petals.

wedding gownImage source – PublicDomainArchive

Ball gown

Multilayer and specially made with extra light cloth. The absolute height of pomp and tradition, the dress is fitted with a bodice and full skirt. This style shouts glamor, so for those who really want to make a statement, look no further. Made famous by Disney’s Cinderella, this is a full-length dress. It’s designed to have the hemline dragging on the floor.

Location and style

bride with veil

Photo by – Cameron Nordholm

The big wide outdoors is so inviting and free. If you’d rather have a clear horizon as your backdrop during your vows, the large open field or a beach is more your style. Nestled in natural beauty, the breeze bouncing of your cheeks and the fresh air opening up your lungs, the outdoor wedding is for a bride and groom who love adventure. Embracing the elements is a sign of bravery, catering to your wild side.

Pick a style that suits you and your fiance. It’s important not to copy each other’s ideas, but to mix them up. This process is going to be a push and pull; you’re just going to have to work it out among yourselves. The tone of the wedding is down to the style, so whatever you choose here, will lay the foundations of the underlying mood and aura of your special day.

There’s so much to choose from, but truth be told, you have to go with your heart and what feels right. If you want a mystical mesmerizing wedding, where every time you look up the awe of tall trees surrounds you, a woodland setting is for you. The recommended season for a woodland marriage is spring, as bright flowers will shooting out of their buds at that time of year.

If you want to travel back in time and relive a Middle Age fairytale, book your marriage inside of a 15th-century castle. You’ll be encapsulated by rocks and bricks that have been around for almost 600 hundred years. The smell of history and gleam of the candlelight dinner will never let you forget this day. The shimmer of gold and silver cutlery will be incredibly ravishing.

bride and groom in the back of pickup truckSource image – 1715736

This is only the beginning, you’ve still got to pick a caterer, the particular cuisine, and menu. The right music creates a great mood, and the right performer can make your guests want to get up and dance. The crescendo will be when your custom designed wedding cake is revealed and beware the flash of lights when you cut into it for the first time. The cutlery is almost as important as the food because, since the Middle Ages, the quality of your knife and fork have been a test of your wealth and artistic taste.

Your wedding day isn’t exactly a party; it’s a celebration of your love. Friends and family will eat, sing, dance and laugh. This will be a day in your life which you will never ever forget. How you look and feel, is perhaps the most important thing; not just for you, but your fiance.

Debonaire, courageous, graceful and above all, fabulous!