Beauty On A Budget: Our Pick Of Alternative Wedding Destinations

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If 2016 is to be remembered for the legends we lost and the epidemic that was Pokemon Go, then 2017 will be remembered as the year ‘destination weddings’ made it big. Now we know that sum couples can’t imagine resisting the pull of home and familiarity, but more and more couples are finding the allure of an overseas wedding too much to ignore. It’s that chance to create magical memories in a far off place where the shores are littered with romance, managing the project from afar and watching as everyone commits to a few days in paradise where the real world doesn’t exist.

For some this is enough to see them pack their wedding dress and tailored suit. However, for a growing portion of loved-up lovebirds, it is the financial side of things that is so god darn gorgeous. Pick right and you could see your guests enjoy to a breathtaking destination they had never considered exploring, while also seeing your piggy bank smile wider than ever.

So, without holding you up any longer, here are the best alternative wedding destinations to slap on your shortlist:

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Make Room For Morocco

Even if you just have  one ear on celebrity gossip then you will know that Morocco is fast becoming the place to get married, or so says Poppy Delevigne. What makes this place the ideal wedding destination is the plethora of beauty on offer, from the splendours of Marrakech to the stupefying backdrop that is Casablanca; this place offers you so much in the way of, well, magic. The bright colours, the bold textures, the use of candles and lace and the vast selection of food so good your taste buds will dance.

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Heaven Is In Hungary

If you want to have a wedding that oozes exclusivity and drips with elegance, but your budget is, well, shall we say, tight, then you will struggle to do much better than Hungary. Setting your wedding in Hungary is another way of saying you are going to set your wedding in heaven because the bang you can get for your buck here is enough to bring tears to your eyes. There is the beautiful city of Budapest that will bring your ceremony to life in ways you never thought possible and then a vast panorama of countryside that would see your budget stretch to the moon and back, bringing with it all the class you could ever hope for.

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Sweet, Sweet Slovenia

When you think of a lakeside wedding, your mind will no doubt picture a procession along the shores of Italy’s Lake Como. However, it is Slovenia’s very own Lake Bled that should get the attention because this place is every inch as stunning, and a million times less pretentious. In fact, we would even say it is more beautiful thanks to the breath-snatching Church of the Assumption of Mary that stands proudly in the centre of it. That is just the beginning of the romance too because getting married here comes with some of the most tear-jerking traditions, from the groom carrying the bride up all 99 steps so that she can ring the Wishing Bell to the tradition where the married couple take a gondola back to shore. This place is sure to leave a lasting impression.


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