Beautiful Gemstone Ideas For Your Wedding Ring

Your wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, and something that you will wear every day. A wedding ring doesn’t just have to be a plain band though: it has become increasingly popular to channel set your wedding ring with precious gemstones to complement your engagement ring. Small pavé set stones in a wedding ring are also on trend, like the ring that Megan Markhle had designed to go with her iconic engagement ring, which included two of Princess Diana’s diamonds from her personal collection. Diamonds are popular in a wedding ring, but there are other gemstones that have a deep symbolism and special meaning that could be personal to you.

The Truthful Emerald

The emerald is a type of Beryl. It is rich in chromium, which gives the stone it’s beautiful green color. In Ancient Rome and Greece, the emerald was considered symbolic of truth. They also believed it was the gemstone of the goddess Venus, who was the purveyor of hope and love. All gemstones have different spiritual meanings, and have strong energies and messages attached to them. The emerald is associated with intuition and wisdom. In terms of love, the emerald represents having a strong commitment in a relationship that is eternally faithful.

Amethyst meaning in ancient times was “not intoxicate” thus, it promotes tranquility and understanding for the wearer, making it a suitable and less expensive gemstone for your wedding ring.

The Soulful Sapphire

The sapphire is the second most popular stone after the diamond for a ring. Like the ruby, it is a variety of crystalized corundum, and can come not only in a deep blue, but also in pink, yellow and white. It is the titanium that gives sapphire the blue color though. In medieval times, they considered the sapphire to represent faith and holiness. In wedding and engagement rings, it is used to symbolize fidelity and commitment. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge wears a sapphire engagement ring that previously belonged to Princess Diana.

The Romantic Ruby

The deep, red ruby has historically been symbolic of love and passion in a relationship. Because the stone is the color of blood, it also represents vigor and vitality, and inspires devotion in marriage. In the 19th century, French jewelers called the ruby the “dearly loved stone.” It was once believed that ruby was in fact made of hardened fire that had the special power to set the souls of a couple aflame. Tiny rubies in a wedding ring make beautiful accent stones and perfectly compliment diamonds.

A wedding ring doesn’t have to be a plain gold band. You can choose precious gemstones to add personal meaning and symbolism to your ring: perfect for a commitment of true love.

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