Bachelorette Party Hacks That Will Make it All Go As Smoothly As Possible

The bachelorette party can be a lot of fun, however, planning it can be a little tricky when you’re trying to please a huge group of people. The hacks here will help you to make it all go as smoothly as possible so everybody can have a great time and there’s no animosity at all on the day. You might not be able to please absolutely everybody in the party, but you can definitely please most of them with the following hacks:

Appoint The Best Planner To Plan The Party

The maid of honor traditionally plans this event, but it can be a good idea to let go of traditions so that everybody has the best time. The maid of honor might be useless at planning, or even have a family to look after that will leave her little time to really think about what to do. Appoint the best planner to plan the party, or work together, delegating certain tasks to whoever is best at them so everything gets done. Be smart about this and don’t let any egos get in the way!


Pick A Date That Suits The Bride’s Best 4 People

The bride probably has a handful of people who are most important. It’s usually the maid of honor, best friends, and any close family members. By picking a date that suits the bride’s best 4 people, you’ll ensure the most important guests turn up on the day. When you have a huge group of people it’s going to be really difficult to pick a date that suits everybody, so you can’t stress about this too much. Providing you choose the date and agree on it well in advance, you can send out notice to other guests so they can make arrangements if needs be. It’s a good idea to accept that not everybody will be able to make it, either because the date doesn’t suit them, or because they can’t afford to do everything you have planned.

Stick To The Budget

Agreeing on a budget and sticking to it is essential. When you look at the cost of a bachelorette weekend, it can vary wildly. There are ways you can keep expenses in check, so make sure you keep these in mind as you plan. Discuss what sort of budget is best beforehand and then do your utmost to stick to it. People will love the bride and want her to have a fantastic time but not everybody can afford to go to a super fancy restaurant or stay over somewhere for the weekend.

Don’t Be Afraid To Do Something Totally Different

As we already mentioned, letting go of tradition is important. You don’t have to do what every other bachelorette party does to have a great time. You don’t need to get a limo, carry inflatable things around with you, or even drink alcohol. In some cases, the bachelor and bachelorette party are even coming together. Going against tradition is perfectly fine if it suits the bride and your group better. Consider what sort of vibe you want the party to have and go from there. Think outside the box and everybody will have a much better time.

Track Each Other

Downloading a tracking app beforehand can ensure you know where everybody is while the party is in full swing. In case of emergencies, you will be able to locate everybody. It can also be a good idea to invest in a few portable chargers so that at least two people have mobile phones, just in case the group is split up. You could even agree on a meeting point that suits everybody if anybody becomes lost. Thinking of things like this beforehand will ensure the whole group has a great time and that nobody gets into any trouble or a panic.

Quick Bachelorette Party Do’s

  • Work together to create the best possible itinerary for the group – if you’ve been put in charge of planning, don’t be afraid to delegate.
  • Always stick to the agreed budget so that nobody gets upset or can’t make it – there are a ton of frugal bachelorette party tips online that you can use to help you.
  • Create and print out your schedule/itinerary to give to people so that everybody is on the same page.
  • If you’re planning a few things to do, always give certain members the option to opt out if they want to. Not everything will suit everybody’s personality and you’ll likely have a much better time allowing people to do what they actually want to do.
  • Make sure you consider the bride to be before planning everything – it might even be wise to collaborate with her if you’re not sure on the date/time/activity. She must be happy at all times as she is the guest of honor!
  • Make sure you plan at least one or a few surprises for the bride.

Quick Bachelorette Party Don’ts

  • Don’t forget to ensure somebody is tending to the bride where possible, whether that’s getting her another drink or talking to her about any fears. She should be having the best time!
  • Don’t plan something ridiculously expensive that is going to be out of most guest’s price range.
  • Don’t forget to invite people who are most important to the bride – asking her for a list of people beforehand can make it much easier to plan.
  • Don’t feel like you have to stick to traditional party ideas if they don’t suit the group or the bride.  
  • Don’t feel like you have to invite every single woman on the wedding guest list. Nearest and dearest is usually best.
  • Don’t share photos of the event on social media without thinking – some guests may not be ok with this so you’ll want to check.

By now you should have a good idea of how to make this bachelorette party go as smoothly as possible. Do you have any of your own hacks you’d like to share? Leave a comment!

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