Avoiding ‘Disappointed Bride Syndrome’

“Oh, Doctor, please help! I’m planning my wedding but keep feeling frustrated and annoyed with the outcome of different tasks I’m doing. What is the matter with me?

“Well, Miss, I believe you may be suffering from something called Disappointed Bride Syndrome. Let’s talk through some of the causes and symptoms, and see if we can find you a cure…”image01

Disappointed Bride Syndrome Cause Number 1:

Lackluster invitations that you’re kind of embarrassed to send out


Annoyance, frustration, and regret


Your wedding invitations set the tone for the rest of the wedding. Let’s be honest; hastily done and shoddily designed doesn’t suggest the best wedding day! Unless you design stationery for a living, the chances are that you wedding invitations will become a wedding task out of your control. You’ll have to hand over the reins to somebody else, be that a family friend or a local company. Because you’re not as in charge as you might be used to, what you end up with could be really disappointing. And, if a friend or family member has taken the time to help you with them, you’ll feel obliged to use them whatever they turn out like!


There is one way you can take back control and design invitations you’re actually proud of and excited by. That is by designing them yourself online. That way you get access to all the same tools that professionals use, making for a professional finish. When making wedding cards by Paper Themes, for example, you can customize them with your own colors, fonts, and images. This means that they arrive both professional and personalized. See, you can have both!


Disappointed Bride Syndrome Cause Number 2:

Gorgeous wedding shoes… that you can’t walk in!


Sore feet, wincing, moaning


Every bride wants the perfect wedding shoes to accompany her on her big day. They are what she will spend the day gliding around in. They are what she will stand in as she makes a life-long commitment to another man or woman. Except, every step she takes, she can’t help but mumble… ‘ouch!’


First off, you need to make sure your wedding shoes actually fit! Yes, they might be the most beautiful pair of shoes you have ever seen. However, if they are too big or too small, you can’t wear them. Once you’ve got the right size, go about making them comfier. Heel grips help keep your heel from slipping out. Insoles give you cushioning for your feet. And half insoles focus on the balls of your feet to stop them from getting sore. Try out a combination of these methods until you find the right one for you.


Disappointed Bride Syndrome Cause Number 3:

A DJ that seems hell-bent on playing the whole Spice Girls back catalog by midnight.


Terrible music, cringing guests and nobody on the dancefloor.


The ceremony was moving and uplifting. The reception venue looks stunning. The wedding breakfast was delicious. And now, the evening is approaching, and the DJ or band you’ve hired has taken to the floor. Everybody gathers around, excited for a dance and… the music is terrible!


Preventative measures should be taken to make sure your wedding music is perfect! Research your wedding music providers meticulously. Don’t just go with the reviews on their site. These might be biased. See if you can use social media to get in touch with some of their past clients instead. Ask whether or not they played the music that they couple asked for or not. Same goes for if you’re hiring a band.

Before the big day arrives, if you want control over the music played or songs sung, make this clear. Give them a set-list, and be transparent about the fact that they shouldn’t divert from it.


Disappointed Bride Syndrome Cause Number 4:

Wedding party members that don’t pull their weight.


Hurt feelings and chaos


A bridesmaid that starts an arguments at bachelorette hen party, or a groomsman that loses the rings. We would list more, but they might cause a nervous breakdown at the thought!


Just like your wedding playlist, you need to take steps early on to make sure that you don’t suffer from this disappointed bride scenario. Your wedding party should be supportive, uplifting and loyal at all times. This goes for your maid of honor, your bridesmaids, your groomsmen, you best man or men and your ushers. Every single one of these people needs to be utterly reliable. It is your big day, not there’s. As a member of your wedding party, it is their responsibility to help you out. With this mind, don’t take anyone on who you feel might let you down or disappoint you.


Contributed by Grace Holliday