Avoid The Wedding Cliches: Fresh Ideas For Transport Options

At what point does tradition become a cliche? It’s a question many prospective brides find themselves asking when planning their wedding. Do you go for something for the sake of tradition, or does it become too obvious and dull to go for that?

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One such aspect of tradition is the vintage car as transport for the bride and groom. You’ll see them everywhere, from wedding pictures on Instagram to adorning the front of the wedding magazines. A bride in a big dress squeezed into a small vintage car, which obviously has ribbons on the front of it. Then the bride and groom driving off for their honeymoon in the same type of vehicle, with “just married” spray-painted for good measure. It may be the usual thing to do, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it. In fact, branching out and trying something else could make your day stand out all the more.

We’re not talking swapping one type of cliche for another either- you won’t see recommendations for a horse and carriage. Time to think outside the box when it comes to wedding transport.

If You’re Practical: A Mini Bus

It doesn’t have to be the kind of minibus usually used for school trips; it is possible to find more attractive options. Nevertheless, it’s hard to overlook the practicality. You can fit the entire wedding party into the same vehicle, so no one gets lost. If the bride is planning on a big dress, then you lessen the risk of closing the door on it.

If You’re Anything But Practical: A Supercar

image04Photo by Axion23

There are some brand names which just scream luxury and indulgence: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley… the list goes on and on. Why not add a little of that high-end feel to your day with Supercare Hire by Prestige Keys? ¬†You’re not going to be able to transport lots of people, but the happy couple can drive off into the sunset in style with the glorious roar of an engine!

If You Like Things Retro: A 70s Camper Van

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Touching on something from the old school can bring a fun and kitschy twist to your day that’s well worth exploring. The 70s camper van is iconic, and predominantly for the right reasons. To marry the theme together, you can ensure there’s plenty of era-specific music at the reception.

If You Want Something Fun: A Golf Cart

image00Photo by Junior Libby

Obviously, if you’re a golf-obsessed couple, then this is an even more perfect choice. Even if you’re not, golf carts have their upsides- they don’t have doors so nothing can get trapped, and they are ideal for short trips. You’re going to need to rely on the weather being good, but if you live in a location where that’s possible, go for it.

If You Can’t Wait To Get The Fun Started: A Party Bus

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All of the above give a few different ideas outside of the obvious. If you’ve read through them and thought: “hey that’s great and all, but let’s get on with the celebration!” – then a party bus is your friend. Equipped with a bar and plenty of room for several guests, you can get the party started before there’s even been an exchange of vows. Check out those luxurious limos, that are available from Denver limo service.