Adding the Personal Touch To Your Special Day

Everyone wants their wedding day to be magical, and this is generally true: weddings are usually pretty inspiring! But it’s also true that many weddings into the routine of the same old, same old. Everyone looks good, it’s a beautiful ceremony, and so on, and of course there’s nothing wrong with this! However, it’s not for everyone. Some couples want every inch of their day of nuptials to touched with their personal style and personality. While this may require a little bit more planning than usual, it’s more than possible, as we’ll see below.


A Unique Venue

We’ve come a long since the old days when it was expected that you were to be married in a church. Today, there are venues all around the world – and indeed, you can be married anywhere and everywhere, providing you have the right license to do so. You and your partner have already built a long and storied history, and in that history will be places that hold a special place in both of your hearts. As long as it’s suitable enough for the number of people you want to invite, why not consider getting married there? There’s nothing quite like committing your life to one another in a venue that reminds you of all the good times you’ve already had.

Personalized Items

Everything can be personalized. Imagine marrying your partner in a suit or dress that was made especially for you; it’s one of a kind, like your love. If you don’t want to go all out with a tailored dress or suit, you can always add a personal touch – for example, having your initials and date stitched into your veil or on the inside of your suit jacket. Also, let’s not forget the rings – you can have them custom made, made precisely to your specification and preference.

The Ceremony

A lot of a wedding is about the show, but there is the business end to take care of it, in the form of your ceremony. There are plenty of wedding rituals from around the world; why not select one that symbolizes something that’s close to your hearts? Some emphasize unity; some emphasize the purity of love, others yet are colorful displays that showcase love in all its glory. You’re not bound to walk in the footsteps of your local tradition – take your ceremony global, if you think it speaks to your love better.

Drinks and Dancing

Of course, most of the guests will be expecting a pretty great meal and party! Instead of relying on the same old wedding food dance songs, why not curate your own menu and playlist? There’s nothing passive about dancing the night away to songs that already hold special meaning for you and your partner.

Your wedding day is all about the life and love shared between you and your partner, so don’t settle for anything that’s “right out of the box.” Sprinkle your personal touch in every detail, and your wedding will be unequivocally yours.


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