Add Elements Of Your Past To Your Wedding With This Unmissable Advice

When we get older, it’s common for people to move away from their hometown. After all, we head to college in a different state or even move for a job to a different country. Therefore, when it’s time to get hitched, you often decide to hold the wedding in the area where you and your partner have spent the relationship. However, despite the wedding being away from their hometown, a lot of people like to add in details from their past. It often is appreciated by family members, especially elderly parents who have traveled far for your big day. Therefore, here is some unmissable advice on how you can add elements of your past to your wedding!

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Go for a traditional food from your hometown

A lot of places have a particular food that the area is known for. For example, Florida’s distinctive dish is their delicious fish dishes! Therefore, when it’s time to choose the wedding menu, you should consider picking signature meals from your hometown. You could pick a starter which is well-known in your home city, while a main dish which is common in the place where your partner is from. It will delight your families if you add this personal touch to your wedding menu! If one of you is from a different country, it might work well to have food and drink from that particular cuisine for your wedding breakfast!

Choose table names from your past

It’s often hard to think of table names for your wedding. But it’s a good chance to add some things in from your past. For example, you both will have places or people which are special to you. Therefore, your first school, pet, or home could be the names of the tables. If you both add special places, it will ensure the wedding is personal to you both. And it will cause chatter with your guests when they spot the memorable places or people on the seating plan!

Go for traditional clothing from your birth place

You can also choose to go personal with the clothing for your big day. For example, if you or your partner has Scottish heritage, the men could wear kilts fitted with a clan crest. Or if you was born in India or Africa, you could choose a dress which would be traditionally worn in your home country. The gesture will be appreciated by your family, and it will make your day unique!

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Reflect on the past in the speeches

The speeches are a very good time to reflect on the past. For example, if a relative you were close to passed away, you should get your partner to mention them in the wedding speeches. It will show you are thinking about your past as you move into your future. Also, get your dad and best man to talk about stories from yours and your partner’s past. It will give the guests from both sides a laugh, and they will learn more about the couple as individuals.

And don’t forget to add pictures of your past in your wedding venue. Adding old pictures of when you were younger is a great way to reminisce and add elements of your past to your big day! You can also add pictures of your relatives who have passed on as a kind gesture to your family. All these little details will make your wedding unique!

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