A Guide to Having an Indian Wedding During the Pandemic

Generally, an Indian wedding is celebrated lavishly, with much pomp and the participation of all relatives and friends of the new couple. But it cannot be the same even during this pandemic situation, as there are plenty of restrictions imposed to save human lives.


Pocket-friendly Wedding

The wedding cost should be minimized during this pandemic, by making it a simpler affair. It is better to have a micro wedding now, by making it an intimate celebration only comprising the families of the bride and groom.

Decor was minimalistic

The wedding décor should be very simple, which can be done by family members without hiring any specialist for it. It is wise to choose a small wedding venue, as very few guests should be attending the wedding. The entire place should be sanitized and decorated with fresh flowers and leaves.


Print only few invitations, use e-invites for rest of all

Only a few wedding cards should be printed for guests staying in the same locality. All other wedding guests can be invited by sending them e-invitations online. You only need to select online Indian wedding cards from the website of a reputed wedding card maker and customize it as per your taste.

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Style from the jewelry you already own

There is no need to buy new jewelry at this time and you may simply polish the old jewelry that you already have. Often brides inherit jewelry from their mothers or grandmothers, which can be reshaped into a new fashionable design in the nearest jewelry shop.


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Ensure that your makeup artist follows safety precautions

It is better if you can use simple makeup to display your natural beauty. You may make use of some homemade facial masks to make your skin glow on the wedding day. However, if you really need a makeup artist for extensive bridal makeup, you need to make sure that this artist is following all safety measures to avoid Covid infection.


Personalized photoshoot

The wedding photoshoot should be special where the new couple poses before the camera with their family members. The bride and the groom should pose only with their immediate family members than posing with all the wedding guests.


Food Safety

It is mandatory in an Indian wedding to arrange for the best quality foods for all wedding guests. You must ensure that all the equipments used for cooking are sterilized properly before cooking. Similarly, the dishes and glasses for serving foods and drinks need to be sterilized as well. Healthy and fresh food items should be chosen for serving to the guests at the wedding feast.


Safety protocol to your guests

All the wedding guests should wear masks to cover their noses and mouths, to prevent any kind of viral infections. They should maintain some distance away from each other, as per the present social distancing norms. Moreover, they should be sprayed with sanitizer to kill all germs on their clothes and hands.


Seating Arrangement

The seats of all wedding guests should be at a distance apart from each other, according to the social distancing rules. They should not also gather too closely while watching the wedding ceremony.



It is better to screen all the wedding guests whether anyone has high body temperature while they are entering the wedding venue. In this way, all guests and the families of the new couple can be kept safe from the Corona infection.


No gifts allowed please

Now, the new couples should request their wedding guests not to bring any gift for them, as that can be virus-infected and spread the disease. Moreover, the bride needs to come closer to accept gifts from guests, which is not feasible at this pandemic time.


All these guidelines may help a new couple and their families to organize their wedding ceremony during this pandemic and lockdown period.


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