8 Unique Ways to Digitally Announce Your Engagement

So, you’ve gotten engaged to your partner. Congratulations are due, but the continuing quarantine, thanks to COVID-19, has made that more difficult than normal. Depending on your family and friends, it might be impossible to share the news in person. This means you’ll have to rely on spreading the news digitally.

But your engagement announcement deserves more than an Instagram photo of a fiancée’s engagement ring. To go against tradition, consider thinking of a unique way to digitally announce your engagement. Here are a few ideas that will allow you to have some fun while letting the world know you’ll be tying the knot soon.

  1. Jump on social media.

One of the simplest ways to share the news with family and friends is to jump on social media. While it might not be considered the most unique way of breaking the news, it’s one of the easiest, especially in the time of COVID-19. If you’re looking to spice it up, beyond taking a selfie or writing a “just engaged” post, think about how you could be more creative. A funny video or a duet karaoke video will allow you to announce your engagement while being original.

  1. Share a photo of your pets together.

If the two of you have pets, it might be best to include them in your announcement—also, everyone loves a good pet photo, so there’s no going wrong here. Consider photographing them together and sharing a witty caption such as “future siblings,” “our parents are getting married,” or “they said yes!” Any way of incorporating them into the announcement is a sign of you and your fiancée combining your lives into one.

  1. Put TikTok to use.

TikTok has grown increasingly popular in the last year, and the trends it creates can garner some serious attention from around the world. You and your partner should create a video around a trending TikTok video or challenge, which can be tweaked to meet your announcement needs. With the duet feature, you could make a video related to someone else’s that helps you let others know you’ll soon be tying the knot.


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  1. Produce or find an easy-to-share .gif image.

The .gif image has become popular as a means of reacting to comments and posts nowadays, especially on Twitter. Make your own .gif that can be shared by family and friends to let others know about your engagement. Sharing the image unprovoked will make for a great announcement, too, especially in response to a “What’s been up with you?” text from a family member or friend.

  1. Make a creative video announcement.

You need to keep your distance but want to find a way to announce your engagement in a lively way? Why not just create a video! This is a simple way to allow you and your partner to be animated and act as if you’re engaging with family and friends while announcing the big news. The reveal can be fun, too.

Your approach could be simple, such as asking your fiancée what’s on her finger and having her reveal it to be an engagement ring; you could film a fun, light-hearted dance video that ends on the two of you cutting the music to announce that you’re newly engaged; it could even be your fiancée walking up to you, while you’re on the computer looking at silicone wedding rings, asking you what you’re doing, all to announce your engagement.

  1. Post a short Instagram story.

Instagram allows you to post 15-second stories at a time. Rather than breaking the news in just one, why not film several stories where you reveal your engagement at the end! You can make it fun, too, such as sending your soon-to-be fiancée around your home looking for clues that slowly announce the engagement to those watching.


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  1. The long-loved selfie could work.

There’s no better way for breaking the news than by posting a good ol’ fashioned selfie. Whether it’s to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you can break the news by having a photo of the ring on your fiancée’s ring finger or by having a loving photo of the two of you while showing off the ring. Rather than beating yourselves up by trying to think of the most creative idea, just be straightforward and share the news with the world.

Yet you could go a step further and put in a lot of effort. Consider hiding easter eggs throughout a series of photos you post throughout the timespan of a week. These would all lead to the final reveal, where you would announce the engagement and could point out the easter eggs hidden in past photos. Also, it could be a fun way to have someone else break the news for you—if they happen to spot one of the easter eggs in advance.

  1. Put your graphic design skills to use.

Rather than taking a selfie and uploading it to Instagram, why not go a step further and make a unique piece of art to announce your engagement? If you and your fiancée are skilled with Adobe Photoshop, you could easily create a classic movie poster that announces your engagement. The poster could make a reference to old sci-fi, horror, drama, noir, or adventure movies, allowing you to work around an aesthetic while making notable popular references.

You Do You

There are a number of ways to announce your engagement. While some might be more unique than others, commit to the one that feels most natural to you and your fiancée. It should be representative of your relationship, so do what best encapsulates who the two of you are.

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