Thinking about how your reception party ideas can be enhanced to make an epic experience for the entire guest list? All it takes is something unexpected or a little out of the ordinary. But, you’ll probably need a little inspiration before you can put your plans into action. Here are 7 points of interest to make it seem like you thought about absolutely everything at your wedding reception.

Food – keep them eating all night with something unexpected

Serving food through standard courses is fun, but it often leads to quick overeating followed by sluggishness and heartburn. Avoid this situation by serving smaller portions throughout the night.

Provide your guests with a buffet-style serve yourself, or organize trays of food to circulate the room. Either way, make sure to feature something spectacular that your guests can gossip about through the duration of your reception. To take it a little further, alter this free wedding program template to include an itinerary when menu items are scheduled to make an appearance.

Kids area – keep them occupied and smiling

Most wedding receptions include kids, which can be difficult to plan for. They have a wide variety of personalities and their energy levels and moods tend to fluctuate. Provide wedding activities for guests of a younger age that will keep them engaged. There should be more than one, and they should offer a variety of energy. For example, coloring for downtime, sports for hyper times, and a mental challenge for inquisitive times. You should also provide comfortable furniture for kids who get a little sleepy earlier than others.

Music – something that everyone likes with great break songs

Arguably, the best wedding activities involve music and dancing. It’s very difficult to balance what you like and what’s good for your guests. When selecting your band or DJ make sure the playlist as catered to your personal style of preference, but also something that includes familiar favorites that are easy for your guests to dance to.

Favours – keep them engaged and interacting

Wedding favors aren’t so much a wedding reception activity as they are something to play with through the evening. Instead of a tumbler set with your wedding date on it, send your guests home with something they can enjoy while they’re at the wedding. A masquerade mask adds a mystery air to the evening’s event. If you don’t want them to have to tote your gift item all night, send them home with something entirely unique that they won’t be able to help bragging about.

Surprise entertainment – the highlight of the evening

Dinner and a show could be as simple as the food you serve and the given toasts. But, fun wedding ideas should go above and beyond. Surprise your guests with a magician, a comedian, or an interactive virtual reality experience. Yes, this evening is about your Happily Ever After but the night is always better when your guests are smiling. Let’s be honest, you’ll be smiling too with entertainment like this. If your reception itinerary is already jam packed, consider signing off the night with a beautiful fireworks display.

Speeches – short and sweet

Request that your VIPs keep their speeches short, including your own. A speech that set’s a premise, makes a point, and includes a joke or sweet anecdote can really make an impact to the evening. Dragging on with “filler content” will result in your guest’s eyes glazing over and the momentum of the evening winding down. In the same light, make sure to scatter them throughout the evening to avoid an hour’s worth of back to back speeches.

First Dance – Shocker

The first dance is always a sweet moment. Guests expect a lovely song selection, intimate movements, and sometimes the groom surprises everyone by having taken ballroom lessons.

Wouldn’t your guests be surprised with a highly choreographed dance to an upbeat pop song? If there’s only one thing on your list of wedding reception entertainment ideas, make sure it’s putting in the effort to wow your guests with a jaw dropping first dance.

The best wedding entertainment ideas are unexpected, interactive, and appropriate for the entire guest list. The entire evening should provide your guests downtime, on-your-feet time, interaction, and entertainment that’s designed to wow.

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