7 Things Your Bridesmaids Should Do 

Planning for your wedding includes deciding who gets to be on your entourage. When choosing your bridesmaids, you don’t only get to choose any people that you get to take a photo with – you choose your bride tribe.  

When it comes to choosing a bridesmaid, it isn’t just about them wearing a coordinated dress. It’s about having someone to lean on to when you need help. Your bridesmaids have responsibilities that they need to fulfill before and during the wedding. Listed down below are the duties your bridesmaids should do:

  • Help with Wedding Planning Tasks 

As a bride, you might be overwhelmed with all of the things you have to prepare for your big day – from picking venue up to table setting to even more tasks. When you’re too confused, you may consult with your bridesmaids to help you pick and assign responsibilities as well.  

You can assign them with wedding flower arrangements and have them contact your supplier. This will allow you to have more time with other things that you need to personally look after like searching for the perfect motif, cake design, etc. 

Along with this, after your wedding, they should take and preserve your wedding bouquet for safekeeping since you’re most likely to be tired after your wedding party and might want to catch some sleep and have time with your husband and you’ll forget to care for your flowers. 

Bridesmaids helping gorgeous bride to dress up and get ready for her wedding ceremony.
  • Help Plan Bridal Shower  

A bridal shower is an intimate party that celebrates the woman for being a bride. Planning of a bridal shower is a shared responsibility between the maid of honor, bridesmaids, and parents. While the maid of honor is usually responsible for all of the planning, the bridesmaids should be able to lend a hand and help whenever possible.  

Not only that they get to help, but they need to attend the shower at the very least including sharing their part for the expenses. When there’s no other host that steps forward, the bridesmaids should take initiative and help the maid of honor hosting the shower.   

  • Help Plan Bachelorette Party 

While the responsibility of organizing the bachelorette, party lies in the hands of the maid of honor, the bridesmaids should take initiative to help the maid of honor and take part in the expenses as well.  

  • Attend Pre-Wedding Events 
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Your bridesmaids should be present during all pre-wedding events which include engagement party, rehearsal dinner, wedding shower, or helping with some DIY projects. Bridesmaids are expected to help as much as possible. This will also help to improve and strengthen your relationship with one another.  

  • Shop and Pay for Bridesmaids’ Dresses

It depends on the couple’s budget, but if you don’t have enough budget, your bridesmaids should be willing to shop and pay for their dress. If you’ll be wanting coordinating dresses, it’s encouraged that you set an appointment at the bridal shop and shop together with your bride tribe. This will allow everyone to share their opinions with their dress designs. You should suggest flattering bridesmaid designs for all kinds of bodies so that everyone gets to enjoy their dress on your special day.

  • Help Bride Get Ready 

During the wedding day, you’re most likely to be both anxious and excited at the same time. When that happens, your bridesmaids should be able to be with you, calm you down, and help to keep you smiling.  

When you’re wearing your beautiful dress, they should be able to help you get on it and secure it at the back. They should also be able to answer any calls and text for you so that you could stay focused on getting married. Along with those, your bridesmaids should be able to help you get on your shoes, jewelries, and veil. Also, to help to stop you from crying even they already are.  

  • Assist the Maid of Honor  

Your maid of honor is one of the busiest people in the room and your bridesmaids should be able to help her out with the duties. They could go for keeping track of wedding emergency kits, hold your items, coordinating with the wedding planner and photographer, or a last-minute run to the drug store.   


When picking your bridesmaids, it should be noted that you pick the ones that are close to your heart and you know that are responsible enough to do their duties without hesitation. It’s highly encouraged that you avoid any drama as much as possible for it’ll only lit up fire and conflict among your tribe which might not lead into a harmonious relationship within your bridesmaids.  

While your bridesmaids have a lot of tasks to do, don’t be bossy around them and load them with too much work leaving you to none. Remember, you asked them to help you out without any pay and you shouldn’t treat them as slaves. They’re still your family and friends after all.  

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and it would be more fun when you get to have your closest friends and family right beside you sharing your best day.  

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