7 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Dress

When young girls daydream about their wedding days, they don’t usually envision wedding decorations, cakes, foods, invitations, or even who their grooms will be. Instead, most young girls daydream about how they look and what they wear during their wedding day. Thus, choosing the wedding dress is one of the most exciting and most awaited parts of the wedding planning process. 

As you walk down the aisle during the wedding entrance, all the wedding guests and attendees will be watching you from head to toe. Most of all, they’ll direct their eyes on your wedding gown. And so, most women always dream of finding and wearing that perfect wedding dress. But before you overwhelm yourself with the challenge of finding your ideal wedding gown, there are a few things you might need to consider first before shopping for bridal gowns

To start, here are seven things you need to consider when picking your wedding dress.  

  1. Start Your Bridal Gown Hunting As Early As Possible 

After your fiancé placed an engagement ring on your finger and processed the nerve-wracking but exciting news of getting married, most of you may start drafting your wedding planning checklist. Make sure that choosing your wedding dress is included in the top priorities of your checklist and scheduled the earliest time possible.  

The earlier you hunt for your wedding dress, the more time you’ll have to think, search on different wedding shops, try on different bridal gown designs, and avoid the pressure of finding a wedding dress at the last minute. Choosing your wedding dress early will also give you ample time to make some measurement adjustments when necessary. 

  1. Establish A Wedding Dress Budget 

Having a final wedding dress budget can help narrow down your search instead of wasting more time trying on dresses you can’t afford. It’s also ideal to be upfront and honest about your budget when consulting bridal stores. This way, bridal consultants will only show you wedding gowns and dresses that are within your budget.  

  1. Schedule Your Wedding Gown Appointments Smartly 

Aside from hunting for your wedding dress early, it’s also recommended to schedule your gown appointments on weekdays, preferably mornings. This way, you get to benefit from the less crowded showrooms and a more energetic and positive approach from various bridal consultants.  

  1. Only Bring A Handful Of Guests 

Some brides like the idea of bringing as many friends as they can during their gown fitting or dress appointments. Not only will this serve as their bonding, but having multiple opinions can also help you choose your wedding dress. However, bringing too many guests with you may only result in overcrowding, and worst, your own personal taste might be overpowered by their different opinions.  

So, when hunting for your wedding gown, make sure only to bring a handful of guests whom you truly and deeply trust. It can be your sister, mother, or your closest best friend. After all, regardless of how many opinions are showered to you, the final say will be from you since it’s your wedding dress.  

  1. Be Inspired By Your Own Style 

Wedding planners and stylists may recommend you to browse for as many wedding gown pictures as possible to help you come up with inspiration. But did you know that the best source of inspiration for your wedding gown is your own closet? A wedding dress that’s in sync with your personal style can boost your self-confidence. 

For instance, if you’re into solid clothing, you may opt for a minimalistic wedding dress. Meanwhile, if you’re into loud printed clothing, consider a bridal gown with off-white laces and nude underlay. 

  1. Take Your Wedding Venue And Theme Into Account 

Both your wedding theme and venue must be considered when choosing your wedding dress. Some wedding venues tend to have strict dress codes during weddings. For instance, brides having church weddings are required to wear gowns with covered toes or shoulders. To be sure, consult your wedding planner and see if any dress codes are applicable in your chosen wedding venue. 

Moreover, it’s also important that your dress is in sync with your wedding theme. If you’re having a beach wedding, having a flowy, off-shoulder wedding dress may be more suitable. If you’re having a garden wedding, floral embroidery with a plunging neckline could be an option.  

  1. Don’t Forget The Comfort 

The most vital thing to consider in selecting your wedding gown is comfort. The last thing you’d want to happen is faint in the middle of the wedding ceremony, all because you couldn’t breathe in your dress. When trying out dresses, always prioritize comfort before the style and design. Try to twirl, sit down, walk around or sway when trying out your gown to check if it’s comfy and conducive for movements. Don’t forget to feel the fabric and see if it’s irritable for your skin. Find a wedding dress that addresses both elegance and comfort.  

Wrapping Up 

No matter which bridal gown you pick and wear, remember that it’s no one else’s wedding day but yours. So, keep these considerations in mind and let your personal style, budget, and tips from people closest to you, help you pick your perfect wedding dress. Whether you go for a customized or ready-made wedding dress, finding the perfect fit will bring you closer to your aspired wedding day.