6 Things You Should Leave To The Professionals

6 Things You Should Leave To The ProfessionalsSource

A wedding can be the most stressful thing that you ever plan. Everything has to run just-so, and why not? It’s all over in a day, and that is a day that you can never get back and recreate. For some it can be the most expensive thing they ever do, although frugality within weddings is becoming more of a trend.

While most people are intent on cutting costs and DIY-ing the lot, here are 6 things you really should leave to the professionals to save your time (and your sanity!)


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It totally depends upon the season, but the last thing you want to be doing on the lead-up to your big day is sourcing the flowers and then arranging them into bouquets, corsages and pinholes. Leave it to the florist and let them be delivered on the day – you won’t be stressing about them wilting at the very least.

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Unless you’re willing to go and kit out the whole venue for the afterparty, leave it to those who have the time to do so. They may not even be professionals in that sense of the word; it could be family members or friends who are willing to pitch in for your big day. If they give you an offer to help and decorate, take it before they retract it again – every little helps!

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Although it’s tempting to put your own stamp on it from the beginning, sometimes it really is best to leave it to those who know what they’re doing. You can even order online and let those who are doing it for you know exactly what you’re looking for – look to places such as Inspired Design Wedding Invitations to create the perfect invitation that you and your guests will love and remember.


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What more needs to be said? Allow yourself the time to find a decent and recommended caterer. The last thing you want on your wedding day is for those you have invited to be hangry (a combination of hungry and angry) should any last-minute disasters occur in the kitchen. Leave it to the professionals who do this day in, day out, and you shouldn’t have any problems on the day.


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It’s becoming more common to create a playlist of the music that you love for your wedding. What you don’t want it somebody interfering and controlling the playlist for you – or even worse, introducing their own songs. Make sure that you have a DJ or at the very least a good friend who will respect your decisions and play what is set out. However, remember that an even better DJ/friend will take control when the dance floor gets dull to bring people back to it – it’s a bit of a Catch 22, but something that will free up your time for bigger and better things.


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There have been some horror stories released about bad photos from weddings which can’t be salvaged, and all due to couples picking price over professionalism. This is something worth investing in; your memories from what is supposed to be the best day of your life are immortalised in photographs, and so why wouldn’t you leave it to somebody who really knows what they’re doing?

Being savvy with your money is to be commended in wedding planning, but sometimes it’s definitely worth spending the extra pennies … if only to give you a complete ease of mind when you should be thinking of infinitely better things in the run-up.

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