6 Statement Accessories for the Rebel Bride

If you’ve been paging through bridal magazines or scrolling through wedding Pinterest boards in preparation for your big day, then you’ve probably already had your fill of white, floor-length gowns, billowing veils, and delicate jewelry. While traditional weddings have many beautiful elements, there’s no denying that the classic bridal look can feel commonplace and predictable without anything to shake it up a bit and make you stand out. And brides-to-be who are actively looking to buck tradition will undoubtedly be actively searching for ways to make their wedding days more memorable and unique.

One fail-safe way to put together a bridal ensemble that’s entirely your own is to choose a stunning statement accessory. There’s no better way to pull your look together and show off your personality—and don’t imagine that you’re limited to garden-variety earrings or pendant necklaces, either. From edgy jackets and ethereal headpieces to whimsical floral embellishments, you can be sure that there are accessories out there to elevate every possible wedding look you can imagine.

Here are six statement accessories that the rebellious bride is sure to love:


Many brides today are willing to forgo the conventional long white wedding gown in favor of more offbeat options, including colored dresses, shorter skirts, convertible or two-piece numbers, and even pantsuits or jumpsuits. If you feel a similar disinclination to go floor-length but still like the idea of wearing a dress on your wedding day, one with a short hemline that hits above your ankles or even above your knees could be the way to go.

Should you decide to show off your legs in a short dress, the perfect hosiery can help make them look their best. Shop tights if you’d like a non-traditional alternative to super-sheer stockings, and particularly if you’re angling for a more casual dress code for your wedding overall. Fine-patterned fishnet tights, for instance, can look sexy and daring while still being elegant.

Birdcage Veil

If you’re a big fan of retro fashion or look to the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly for style inspiration, then why not try a birdcage veil? Birdcage veils have long been considered a staple vintage fashion accessory since the 1930s, and many brides and even celebrities have worn them over the years. You’ll definitely want to ask your photographer to take some black-and-white photos that will really emulate that old Hollywood glamor.

Birdcage veils are also more versatile than they appear. They come in a wide array of sizes and lengths, so you should have no problem finding one that pairs well with your wedding dress. You can also attach them to your head in a number of different ways, depending on your chosen hairstyle. While it’s common to affix the netting to a decorative comb or brooch in your hair, some brides also use headbands.


Wearing a wrap or cover-up over your bridal gown doesn’t just keep you warm when the temperatures start to drop—it’s also a stylish way to change up your look. Shawls, shrugs, and faux fur wraps are all popular choices, particularly for weddings taking place in the autumn and winter. Flowing capelets and full-length capes, meanwhile, are coming back into style as substitutes for the classic veil. And if you’d like to keep things more casual, you can always throw on an embellished leather or jean jacket for the reception.

Shoulder Necklace

Strapless and off-the-shoulder gowns will never go out of style for brides, and shoulder necklaces provide a new, unique way to highlight your gorgeous neckline even further. The craftsmanship that goes into shoulder necklaces is key to producing truly breathtaking pieces and goes a long way toward making each piece feel one-of-a-kind. Check out bridal boutiques and specialty vendors online, and you’ll be amazed to see a wide selection of ornate shoulder chains, pearl and crystal capelets, lace boleros, and much more.

Colorful Jewelry

If you’d like your bridal look to stand out in a more subtle way, jewelry with colorful gemstones can stand out beautifully against an all-white ensemble. Dangling sapphire earrings and intricate turquoise necklaces are elegant and eye-catching ways to incorporate the traditional “something blue” into your outfit, for instance. Rose-gold jewelry or jewelry with pink stones, meanwhile, can add a touch of sweetness and dreaminess that’s perfect for your special day.

Statement Hair Accessories

Your hairstyle is probably the second-most important part of your overall wedding look after your gown. Given this, you’ll definitely want to glam it up with some hair jewelry—and, luckily for you, there’s a wealth of lovely options to choose from. Besides the conventional combs, brooches, and tiaras, hair chains have seen increasing popularity in recent years and are perfect for brides who love the bohemian chic look. You can opt for simple chains that loop around the back of the head if you’d like to keep it low-key, or you could go for more elaborate goddess-style head chains.


All brides deserve to look and feel their best, so don’t be afraid to incorporate whatever unconventional elements you want into your wedding outfit. Putting together a look you love will help ensure that you look back on that special day with joy for years to come.