55 Questions to Ask Your Destination Wedding Resort

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life and, naturally, you want the ceremony and the reception to be picture-perfect and impeccable to the core. If you have your heart set on a destination wedding, it’s never too early to start looking for an ideal location and the best wedding resort it has to offer to discerning wedding travelers.

To help make the research phase a tad bit easier for you and your fiancé, here are 55 questions you need to ask your destination wedding resort or hotel before making a reservation.

General Questions

  1. Is the resort/hotel available on the date of the wedding?
  2. Is the wedding venue available for use until end of day on that date?
  3. How far out is the beach from the property?
  4. Are there any other events scheduled on the same date or weekend?
  5. What is the weather like during that time of the year?
  6. Is there possibility of rain during that time of year?
  7. What is the best time to make an advance reservation?
  8. Are there any legal formalities to be completed to hold a wedding at the location?
  9. Do the wedding guests need to be vaccinated before arriving into town?
  10. What are the identification documents required to hold a wedding there?

Wedding Venue

  1. How many guests can be accommodated comfortably at the chosen venue?
  2. Will the ceremony be held at the same place as the reception?
  3. If so, how are the two managed?
  4. Will we be assigned a wedding manager?
  5. Is the resort a family-friendly/child-friendly venue?
  6. Does the resort have enough overnight accommodation for the estimated number of guests?
  7. If not, will the wedding coordinator help with arranging accommodation in neighboring hotels?
  8. Are there any discounts on bulk bookings?
  9. Will the resort provide a personalized wedding website for the couple?
  10. What entertainment activities are available at the resort?
  11. Is there a dress code that guests need to follow during their stay?
  12. Can we alter the decorations offered in a preset wedding plan?
  13. What flowers are offered as part of the decoration?
  14. Do we have to bring our own seating cards?
  15. Is it possible to have a wedding/dinner rehearsal?
  16. Can we visit when a private event is going on at the venue?
  17. Does the venue have a salon that can accommodate a large number of guests on the day of the wedding?
  18. Do they offer bridal make-up and hair styling?
  19. Does the resort provide customized wedding cakes? How are they priced?
  20. Does the resort have an in-house professional wedding photographer? If not, can they recommend someone?

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  1. What cuisines are available to wedding parties?
  2. What are the options for table settings?
  3. Can we customize a preset menu according to our guests’ preferences?
  4. Do you offer the buffet system and is it more economical for a large wedding party?
  5. Where is the food prepared—in-house or by an external catering service?
  6. Can we employ our own catering service?
  7. What nonalcoholic drinks are provided for children and teetotaler adults?
  8. What all is offered in alcoholic drinks?
  9. How many types of cuisines can be accommodated in one event?
  10. How many serving staff will be provided at the event?


  1. What does the resort offer in wedding music?
  2. What type of music system do they have?
  3. Can you bring your own music or disc jockey?
  4. Is there a dance floor at the venue and is it big enough for the expected number of guests?
  5. Are there any restrictions on the duration and volume of music?

Pricing, safety and more

  1. What is the estimated cost of your chosen wedding package?
  2. What are the payment methods?
  3. Are there any exclusive offers on booking a minimum number of rooms?
  4. Can a honeymoon package be clubbed with the wedding package?
  5. Will the resort provide a contract?
  6. What is the cancellation policy?
  7. What are the safety provisions in place?
  8. Does the resort offer any activities for children?
  9. Is there power back-up to deal with electricity outage?
  10. Are the event and the venue covered by insurance?

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