5 Ways To Feed Your Guests Without A Traditional Sit Down Meal

If you can’t think of anything more boring than asking your guests whether your guest want chicken or fish on your big day, you have come to the right place. In fact, you will be pleased to discover that there are a myriad of other culinary options for your wedding that are both tasty and fun and all you need to do to find out what they are is keep reading the post below.


I think we can all agree that tacos are delicious and would be the perfect food for a festival or relaxed style wedding. Luckily, many wedding venues are now getting on board with trend and offing this Mexican classic as either the main course or during cocktail hour.

It’s even possible to recruit a street food taco truck to come and serve your guests, something that can add an extra dimension of fun to your big day.


Folks that dislike pizza are few and far between, and those that live for the Italian cheese and tomato treat may well want to have it served at their wedding.

Of course to make it that bit more unique you can employ a catering company that offers live action stations where they cook the pizzas in front of your party. Folks can even get to choose their own toppings; this way, ensuring that even the pickiest of eaters will leave your reception with a full belly.


Hors-d’oeuvres are a great way to start off culinary proceedings, or if more substantial items are provided, they can even be used as the sole menu. Something that can work very well as it will ensure the atmosphere isn’t it interrupted by getting everyone seated and guests can continue to mingle and enjoy the alcoholic refreshments that you have provided through the entire event.

Of course, if Hors d’oeuvres are the only thing you are serving you must ensure either there is enough to go around, usually 5-7 larger sizes promotions are best. Although, because of the huge variety variable and the possibility of coming up with your own signature Hors d’ oeuvres for your big day, the ability to customize and theme your food is much easier.

Afternoon tea

The old English classic afternoon tea that consists of delicate finger sandwiches, small cakes, and scones with cream and jam can make a perfect wedding breakfast for you and your guests.

Compliment this culinary offering by serving it on vintage china. You can even use old teapots with cups and saucers for drinks such as Champagne, instead of traditional glasses for a, particularly stylish and fun touch.

Fish and chips

Fish and chips can make an unusual treat for your wedding guests.

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Lastly, another English choice for weddings that is becoming popular is fish and chips. This is a dish that is most often served on the coast of Britain and can be a real treat for natives of this country and Americans alike.

It consists of white fish; usually, cod in a batter that is deep-fried and crisp, as well as chunky cut chips or fries, served with lashing of salt and vinegar. Something that makes this a particularly good choice for a nautical or ocean themed wedding.


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