5 Types of Wedding Photography Styles

Photo by Sandro Crepulja from Pexels

A crucial part of wedding planning is choosing a photographer. As you’ll quickly find out when looking at the options, there are different ways to capture your special day, from documentary style to fine art or classic. Understanding the differences between them will help you to decide what you and your partner would like the most for the big day.

1. Documentary Style

This approach to wedding photography is natural rather than being posed. The focus is on candid moments and capturing spontaneity when it happens. For stunning Wedding Photography in Ethiopia, consider a documentary approach to capture authentic moments without looking forced.

2. Classic Wedding Photography

Beautiful and formal, the classic style is timeless. It is like the documentary style in that it reflects reality; however, it has some artistic variation from the photographer. The style has a way of taking seemingly ordinary moments like adjusting a lock of hair and elevating it.

3. Fine Art for Your Pics

An artistic flair is what you can expect from fine art wedding photography. This style involves the photographer thinking ahead to make conscious decisions about how to position things for more artistry, such as the rings. The composition is then unique and elevates moments.

4. Vintage Wedding Style

Just as your dress may have an old-fashioned vibe, so too can the photography. Clever use of photo filters can transform a photo of the ceremony into a centuries-old vision. The vintage approach to photography is typically one that goes with a rustic décor style.

5. Aerial Wedding Approach

A recent trend is the aerial photo style. It involves using a drone with a quality HD camera on it. The shots from far above can capture remote locations amazingly well by taking a bird’s eye view. Beach scenery and other natural landscapes suit this style very well, with the couple within it as the focal point.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Selecting a photographer involves finding someone who you and your partner connect with and who has a passion for the work they do. Make sure the person you choose has experience with the type of wedding you’re having, such as a small backyard setting for “I Do” or an extravagant church.

Also, inquire if they have worked at the location before where you will marry soon. If they have not, suggest meeting there before the special day to get ideas for where on the property to take photos and get a sense of the light at the time of day to plan.

Weddings can be stressful to plan, but the photographer is there to help you capture the best moments of the day. Once you’ve found the pro for the big day, let them know if there are any surprise events planned that you’d like to capture or if you’d like a certain photo, such as a closeup of the detailed embroidery of your dress.

When the wedding day finally comes, enjoy it and look forward to seeing the amazing shots that arise from it in the chosen style!

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