5 tips For Your First Maid Of Honor Speech

Weddings are events in which everyone has their role. The main priority is to keep the focus on the groom and the bride and make sure their story is told and appreciated. Usually this falls onto certain people within both respective families. The father and the mother of both parties have to be willing to talk to guests and be conservational. Friends both distant and close will want to know a bit more about them, how they were as children and growing etc. Explaining the story of the happy couple also falls onto the best man. He will be giving a speech during the dinner and this is always an occasion of great importance. However, in modern times it’s also customary for the Maid of honor to give a speech about her experiences with the bride and the couple. However not many people know how to give this speech as it’s relatively new in the wedding scene.

Your first meeting

A Maid of honor shouldn’t try to top the best man when it comes to humor. The best man speech is always the icebreaker. This gives you an opportunity to be the one who injects a personal emotion into the dinner. Talk about the first time you met your friend who is now the bride. What you thoughts were and how you clicked together. Talk about how your friendship has blossomed up to this point.

Their first meeting

The Maid of honor should talk about the time you met and almost nothing is off limits here. It’s the way you came into each other’s lives for the first time, and therefore the whole truth needs to be said. You should talk about the people how you met or where such as on a specific dating website like Muslim Dating or perhaps those that set you two up if it was a blind date, so the people who had the good sense and taste can get a little bit of an applause for without them you wouldn’t be having this special day.

Your friendship

Maid of honor speeches should also hit on exactly what the best man speech does, and that is friendship. Your friend has chosen you to be with her during a stressful but joyous time, and that means a lot to someone who cares about you. Remember a funny or emotional story about your friend and yourself. It should symbolise your closeness and how much she has had an impact on your life.

Counterbalancing love

The bride and groom will want their best friends to tell the guests their perspective on their relationship. Be honest and talk about how you see them, how they balance each other out, what kind of temperament they each have and generally, why they’re perfect for each other. Weddings can sometimes seem like a boastful event and a little selfish. Inject your own feelings into the mix and explain why their personalities go so well together.

Realistic future

Finally, end you speech talking about their future. What do you hope for them? You can see certain things they want and hope for, such as children or buying a house together. Wish them well on this journey and be down to earth in your tone.

Don’t let the best man steal the light of the party, his speech is going to be good but yours can be better. Evoke an emotional response from the guests, go deep into their relationship and explain what you see standing from the outside. Be there for your best friend and make a speech she will remember you for.


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