5 Simple Yet Impressive Wedding-Favor Ideas for the Minimalist Couple

5 Simple Yet Impressive Wedding-Favor Ideas for the Minimalist Couple

The pressure of pulling off the wedding that’ll wow your guests but won’t leave you with crippling debt is real, and that’s why a minimalist wedding is appealing. You work with a shoestring budget, but you can still have that dream wedding you’ve always wanted. The trick is knowing which elements of your wedding to emphasize and where to find the resources to execute these plans seamlessly.

The minimalist wedding is closely associated with subdued but profound aesthetics, but another dimension to it is wise spending. Your wedding checklist becomes more manageable and wallet-friendly when you whittle down your needs to the basics. For example, you don’t have to splurge on wedding favors.

You can only have so many ideas, but you’re limited by your budget and the time it takes to prepare each item. With that in mind, choose meaningful wedding favors that your guests have a practical use for. Take a look at the suggestions below.

Coffee Beans or Tea Leaves

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If there’s anything that your guests will like, it’s the gift of boundless energy and bright mornings. The daily dose of caffeine is a basic need for many of the working-class heroes out there as they battle the monsters of the daily grind.

There are plenty of coffee-bean varieties available, and you may choose according to the strength, roasts, and flavor profile of each variety. You can even get decaffeinated coffee for those who want to enjoy their morning brew without the palpitations. For a subdued yet classy effect, use a burlap pouch to store the coffee beans.

For the tea-loving friends, give them loose-leaf teas or bags of fruity or herbal tea. A warm cuppa is a lovely treat on rainy days and when your friend is in the mood for curling up in bed while reading. To retain the tea’s freshness, keep the leaves in tins or airtight packets.


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Greens, succulents, and flowers best represent the message of your wedding: love grows. Plants make practical gifts because of the following reasons:

  1. They help improve indoor air quality.
  2. Plants are the gifts that generously keep giving. You can use fruits and vegetables for cooking, so you won’t need to buy them from the supermarket.
  3. If you’re growing herbs and other medicinal plants, you can use them for natural remedies to illnesses.

A little caveat: you can only enjoy all these benefits if you know how to take care of your plants. Cultivating this sense of responsible ownership then becomes another welcome benefit.

Olive Oil or Preserves

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Just like plants, olive oil and preserves are useful gifts. For gourmands, eating is a sacred experience that goes beyond providing nourishment. Good food is at the center of heartwarming conversations and spending quality time with loved ones. Cooking and eating become more pleasurable when you have the right ingredients and kitchenware.

These bottled treats have another purpose too. With a little DIY and your wildly creative imagination, you can turn the glass jars into fancy but inexpensive decorations.

Homemade Vegan Soaps

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The sustainable lifestyle is not a passing fad or some ticket to social-media stardom. People today are becoming more aware and mindful of what they consume and how their consumption affects the entire planet. That is why vegan products have made their way to store shelves and homes.

Vegan products are made with organic ingredients, so you can have clean, glowing skin without worrying about toxins. Aside from that, using cruelty-free products helps promote ethical sourcing and production of various consumer goods. You may be giving a tiny present, but you’re supporting a serious and worthy cause.

Personalized Gift Boxes

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If you’re not into grand gestures, putting together an assortment of small but well-curated items is the way to go. It’s simple but equally thoughtful.

You can create a personalized gift box according to your wedding theme or what you think are generic but important items. You can buy these things in bulk if you want to keep the costs down. Some of the most popular choices are food, grooming products, collectibles, and even condiments.

For extra appeal, try packing these goodies in customized boxes. Just make sure you have your own design ready.

Less Is More

The best wedding favors don’t necessarily have to be flamboyant pieces, especially when they hold no practical value in everyday life. What’s important is that you’re sincere in thanking your guests for taking their time to help you and be with you in a significant moment of your life.

The ideas mentioned above are only some of the many possible options you have, and the great thing about them is that they’re easy to buy or assemble. That’s one less thing to worry about when you have a wedding binder full of to-do lists.

What do you think are excellent minimalist wedding favors you want to receive? Let us know in the comments section below.

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