5 Ideas For an Unconventional Wedding Proposal

So, you’ve decided you’re getting hitched, and you’re going to pop the question to your significant other in an unconventional way. But you have no idea what that would be. Well, maybe we can help. We’ve come up with a few unconventional wedding proposal ideas that will get you off the hook for now.

  • Use a book to propose

If you’re looking for unique ways to pop the question, consider getting creative with your proposal. If the idea of going the traditional route makes you cringe, consider proposing to your loved one in a novel way. Instead of going the diamond ring and ring box route, why not proposing to your loved one with a book? And, if you’re really creative, you should be taking their favorite book and (without their knowledge) cutting it out and gluing the ring inside.

  • Do it on your first date place

Everyone has that one first date location that comes to mind when they’re asked about their most memorable date. Maybe it’s a restaurant or coffee shop where you had your first date, or maybe it was the place you went as a kid to sled down the slide or catch fireflies. Whatever it is, it’s most likely a place that comes to mind when you think back on your most memorable dates. Then you can make your proposal.

  • Do it during an outdoor picnic

When most people think of a proposal, they think of a big romantic gesture, such as popping the question in a public place, in the backyard, or on a mountaintop. All of these things, while lovely, also require a lot of planning and coordination. Are you willing to schlep your fiancé around to a public place, where she’ll likely see people you know? What if it rains? What if people interrupt? What if your fiancé doesn’t like the location? There are lots of reasons not to propose in a public space, so if you’re looking for a more private location, consider a picnic!

  • Create a proposal puzzle

For creative proposal ideas, start by making a customized puzzle. It may seem overly complicated, but it’s quite simple once you get started. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, as well as a large (or extra-large) puzzle. Even better, print a puzzle that’s already been designed online. Have your partner sit across from you, and then start filling in the puzzle. You can write “will you marry me?” on it, but make sure it’s bigger than the puzzle pieces. Once the two of you are finished, your partner will be able to read the message.

  • Choose a spinner ring

When it’s time to propose, you have several options in engagement ring styles. You can choose the traditional, classic solitaire setting, which symbolizes everlasting love and gives the new fiancé a ring they can wear every day. Or, you can opt for a halo or three-stone setting, which looks stunning and reflect the couple’s love.

Rings have been a part of proposals for thousands of years, but nowadays a newer trend is gaining steam. It’s the spinner ring as an engagement ring! This alternative to the classic engagement ring has many benefits, such as being less expensive, less intimidating for the receiver, and a lot more fun to spin. Side note, it can really help with stress.

The right engagement ring can reflect your personality, relationship status, and commitment level. When it comes to choosing a wedding ring, however, it can be a little trickier. While your engagement band should match your wedding set (if you want to wear both rings together), your wedding ring can be completely different—making it the perfect detail to personalize your special day.