5 Creative Ways To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

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A traditional wedding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes, to make your special day special, it takes a touch of the unusual. Here are some ideas to help you plan the perfect alternative wedding.


When hiring transport to the venue, most of us choose a car. There are those who go the extra mile and order a horse-drawn carriage (so traditional that’s almost alternative!). But what are other transport options are there?

The double-decker bus is one that’s certain to be noticed. Not only does this allow room the bride, but also a whole entourage of guests can ride aboard too.

Then there’s the Kanye-West-Approach for those who really want to make a grand appearance – the helicopter! Feel like a celebrity for the day by arriving in a chopper.


There are limitless possibilities here. If you can guarantee the weather is going to be good, an outdoor wedding can definitely add a new sense of flair. Many couples get married in exotic locations, the main issue with this being that not all the guests can rake up the money to pay for the travel. However, there are lots of places in the alternative places in the UK, such as castles, the beach or on a boat. And of course, different locations can be used for the ceremony and reception.

Some of the wildest wedding venues I’ve heard of include an underwater wedding, a bungee wedding and a wedding on the edge of a volcano.


A quirky cake can be a sweet added creative touch to your wedding. Find a cake that truly envisages your personality – if you’re both big movie fans let out your inner geek with a cool Hollywood reference. Alternatively, you could theme the cake around your honeymoon destination – An Eiffel Tower or an exotic beach. And then, if you want your wedding to truly take the cake, why not try an humorous added extra like wedding bobbleheads?

Dress Code

Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes these days, but not all of us can part with the idea of a traditional wedding gown. That said, there are various twists that can add that extra bit of fun.

For example, you can always choose an unusual dress code for the guests. Weddings I’ve been to/been invited to include a goth wedding, a medieval wedding and a sci-fi wedding. All these can distract from the often all-too-serious tone of the ceremony.

The best man and groom in particular can be themed. Who said a suit had to be a black? You can even try wearing a kilt if you’re brave enough.


Playing a song you love whilst going down the aisle instead of a generic classical piece can help to add your personality to the wedding. The best I went to was an otherwise traditional wedding in which the bride and groom let out there love of heavy metal during the service with Metallica blaring as bride went down the aisle (I’ve been to some brilliant weddings).

This of course, doesn’t include the reception disco, in which you can get just as creative. Why not choreograph your own dance routine for the first dance?

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