5 Best Duffel Bags For Weddings Abroad

With governments across the globe easing traveling restrictions, global travel is now slowly returning to normal. And with the world today moving towards a post-pandemic world, destination weddings are becoming a lot more common. This trend started long before the pandemic and is now being slowly embraced once more. After all, a wedding abroad allows you to find an exciting location where you can best capture one of the most important days of your life. 

However, going to a wedding abroad can be very taxing because you need to carry a long list of items. This is why owning a duffel bag comes in handy during such times, as it allows you to pack your valuables such as clothes, travel documents, and shoes. To help you identify the best pick, here’s an overview of the best duffel bags to buy for weddings abroad.

Leather Weekender from Vonbaer.com.
  1. Leather Weekender

Style and comfort may seem to contrast, especially when traveling and attending a wedding. Luckily, a leather weekender can do both. If you prefer a more stylish bag for traveling, then the men’s weekender bag from Vonbaer.com is made from smart full-grain leather and has a dedicated laptop compartment. In addition, the quality of premium leather adds sophistication and elegance to your choice of clothing—whether it’s formal or casual attire.

A leather weekender duffel bag is packed with compartments and zip pockets to place your clothing, shoes, toiletries, laptops, chargers, and other valuables. It is designed to carry your essentials for traveling for that weekend get-away. Lastly, you can also personalize the duffel bag by engraving names or initials on the body of the bag. This is perfect if you prefer personalized items for yourself or others as gifts.

  1. Classic Duffel Bag 

This bag is also referred to as a traditional duffel bag due to its simplistic and old-fashioned design. Another name for it is the barrel duffel bag due to its shape. But other than its cylindrical shape, you can also get it in a skinny, fat, or square shape. It also doesn’t come with lots of buckles and straps. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about its straps being trapped onto items while you’re carrying your luggage.    

One distinct feature of the classic duffel bag is a long zipper that runs from one end to another. In addition, its shape makes packing items into it very easy, and so is placing it in a store or loading it onto your car’s roof. You can get this bag in different sizes, and this typically ranges between 20L to 45L. Another appealing attribute about the classic duffel is that it can accommodate many of your items, hence an ideal choice for trips such as destination weddings and beach outings. 

Classic duffel bags are usually made from different materials, including canvas, vinyl, polyester, leather, or other blends. Canvas is a popular option among many travelers due to its sturdy nature, making it hard to tear. It’s also loved because you can get a canvas duffel bag in a broad range of colors. The variety of materials, designs, and colors give you multiple options and choices depending on your preference.

  1. Wheeled Duffel Bag 

These duffel bags are also referred to as rolling duffels and should be your go-to choice if you pack gear that comes in a broad range of shapes and sizes. The wheels on this duffel bag can fold up, which is very convenient when carrying it by its handles. You shouldn’t have difficulty carrying this duffel bag, thanks to the wheels.  

The wheeled duffel bag isn’t as spacious despite its many benefits compared to the classic duffel. This can be a deal-breaker if you have many items to store when going for a destination wedding. But if you usually store lightly, it’s the perfect choice because you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching it to locate your valuables. 

  1. Duffel Backpack  

This duffel is also known as the hybrid duffel. It should be your go-to pick when searching for a bag that can serve both as a duffel and a backpack. With this bag, you get the best of both worlds, and it’s this versatility that’s made the duffel backpack popular among most individuals. Other advantages of this bag include its durability, simplicity, and spacious design. In addition, the hybrid duffel is also very useful when you have to walk for long distances because you can conveniently carry it as a backpack. 

Buying the hybrid duffel is a wise purchase because it can simultaneously serve as a duffel and backpack. Therefore, you save on how you would have spent buying two separate bags. Its backpack design also makes it quite comfy to carry while still spacious enough to accommodate all your valuables. 

Nonetheless, it has a couple of downsides, including its strap, which in most cases can’t simultaneously serve as good carry handles or excellent backpack straps. In addition, pulling off an excellent look with the hybrid duffel is quite hard and instead ends up looking like an inferior duffel bag and unexceptional backpack. 

  1. Squared Duffel Bags 

Another duffel bag design is the squared duffel, which comes with a box-shaped or squared design. You should opt for this duffel if you’re looking for a bag with a rugged and uncompromising build quality, thereby making it very durable. This duffel achieves thanks to the gusset or frame on its inside, giving it a clear structure. The squared duffel also features a side zipper closure, which gives its ends separate zippered compartments. This unique design is very helpful as it easily ensures everything within your bag is well organized. 

Because of the sturdy nature of this bag, you should consider getting it when going for a destination wedding being held in a region with harsh weather conditions. This is because this duffel can comfortably withstand damage due to its rigidity thanks to the plastic-covered wire piping, further strengthened with woven polyester.


Shopping for a duffel bag that capably meets your needs can be overwhelming due to the numerous options on the market. Luckily, this guide aimed to ease your troubles by outlining the best duffel bags you should consider. This way, you’ll undoubtedly make the right choice as to which duffel bag helps you easily and conveniently carry your items when traveling for a destination wedding abroad.