4 Unique Outdoor Wedding Themes For Your Big Day

One of the common wedding setups many people go for is the outdoor wedding. An outdoor wedding is a practical decision for couples who need a spacious area for their guests without hurting much of their budget. Furthermore, an outdoor wedding also provides a natural and glorious backdrop, which is Mother Nature herself. And, so, you might love to schedule your wedding date around the summer, spring, or fall season as nature tends to do most of the work during these times. 

But, just because you already have a scenic setting doesn’t mean you don’t need a wedding theme. Having a wedding theme should still be a crucial part of your decision-making. The wedding theme will serve as your guide in every decision you make for your wedding’s decorations.

So, do you need some inspiration in choosing the best wedding theme for your most-awaited day?  To narrow down your choices, here are four unique outdoor wedding themes you may want to consider for your big day. 

  1. Tropical Wedding Theme

This theme is perfect for couples who wish to have a beach wedding. The goal for this style is to make your wedding venue ooze a tropical vibe, which means you’ll need to focus on bright sea-related colors, such as palm trees, flamingo motifs, seashells, banana leaf prints, and Caribbean-inspired decorations. Other tropical wedding colors you shouldn’t miss may include green, turquoise, and fuchsia, as these can set a lively tone for your reception. 

Before the decorations, make sure you consider investing in a custom 10×10 canopy or any suitable size for your outdoor wedding reception, most especially if you’re expecting hot weather. Then, you can bring in some citrus fruits décor pieces, which are tropical-related, like nectarine orange, pink grapefruit, and yellow pineapples.

However, remember never to overdo your tropical decorations as it could also jeopardize the whole theme. For instance, since you’re already hosting a wedding at the beach, it may be best to avoid including seashells and anchors in your decorations as people can already tell you’re getting married at the beach. 

  • Desert Wedding Theme

One of the most breathtaking locations to have an outdoor wedding is the desert. The desert guarantees any wedding a unique and stunning backdrop for the couple as they exchange their vows. And, since the desert is also gorgeous in itself, this means you need to slow down and keep your decorations as simple as possible to preserve the location’s raw and untouched beauty. Otherwise, incorporating too many decorations will only be a distraction to the surroundings.

For the theme’s wedding colors, use the desert’s natural colors as your inspiration. You can use earthy colors, like burgundy, taupe, sage green, and terracotta, so they can easily blend with your wedding location. You can also use sunset-inspired colors, especially if you’re getting married, with the sunset’s beauty in the background, such as mauve, dark purple, and blue. 

Since a desert wedding theme is about creating a bohemian feel, you can use furniture pieces like vintage kilim rugs and rattan chairs for the ceremony and reception. For the accent pieces, go for longhorn, succulents, and pampas grass. With the wedding flowers, remind your florist to use oversized and loose floral arrangements of dried flowers.

  • Fanciful Garden Wedding Theme

For springtime couples who wish to have a fairytale-like event, having a fancy garden wedding theme may be the best option. When it comes to garden wedding themes, the best colors to bring in are pastels. For color ideas, you can get started with rosy pink, mint green, lilac purple, and French blue (for a touch of elegance). 

A garden wedding theme also means you can never have too many flowers, as flowers are among the major elements of this theme. You can also incorporate flowers and crawling vines around your ceremony’s entrance, and decorate the wedding chairs with leaves and flowers. For the ceremony aisle, you’re free to drop some pink and rose petals for a dreamier wedding setting.

  • Pumpkin Patch Wedding Theme

Is there any theme closer to the fall season?  Yes, think about the pumpkin patches you often see on farms. If you’re dreaming of having your wedding at a farm, specifically during the fall season, consider having a pumpkin patch wedding theme. You can use the vibrant orange colors of the pumpkins and combine them with green and wood colors. You may also incorporate some rustic decorations, such as hay bale seats, rope lights, and barrels.

Overall, this casual yet unique atmosphere would be perfect if you wish to have a laid-back wedding, while still appreciating mother nature.

On the other hand, make sure never to use any black color in your decoration to keep your wedding from looking like a Halloween party. When decorating with flowers, use the in-season fall flowers, like celosias, chrysanthemums, and dianthus.

The Best Outdoor Wedding Theme For Your Big Day

Now that you’ve read a few unique outdoor wedding themes, you may now have an idea of which theme best represents you as a couple. Whether you’re both fascinated by the idea of exchanging vows in front of the sea, around the orange pumpkins, or with hundreds of flowers, make sure your chosen theme fits your idea of a happily ever after.