4 UK Minimoon Destinations You Should Consider

Weddings these days are a costly affair as they entail multiple events like the bridal shower, cocktail parties, the ‘actual’ wedding, reception etc. Ironically most couples run out of funds for the most important part of the marriage- their honeymoon. Therefore, many couples vouch for a more budget-friendly version of the honeymoon instead of completely ditching it.

Moreover, many couples have professional obligations and do not have the luxury of long leaves to go on a honeymoon. Therefore, to meet these time and money constraints, minimoons come as a blessing for

Well, minimoons are not much different than honeymoons as they are just a shorter version of it and offer equal fun. Many destinations across the globe are offering amazing options for mini-mooners. And even the UK has emerged as one of the most famous minimoon destinations across Europe. From cosy countryside resorts to luxurious coastal cabins, the UK is a haven for newly married couples. And that too absolutely within your budget.

So, here we have listed down some beautiful yet unusual locations in the UK where the lovebirds can spend quality time together, away from all the hustle-bustle.

Take a VW Campervan to the Lake District

The Lake District lies in the mountainous region in North West England. Couples love the aura of this place thanks to the beautiful night sky that relieves all the fatigue caused by the wedding madness. Moreover, it is now easier to reach there as you can just fly from London to Carlisle and drive onto the Lake District. In fact, it’s just a two-hour drive from Manchester and Leeds in case you wish to take the road.

Many couples also prefer booking a Volkswagen Campervan to drive through the lush greenery and explore the scenic beauty of the country. How romantic is that! You can take the campervan to reach just any part of Cumbria with your beloved. Besides, when you rent a van, you have all the freedom to halt anywhere in between to enjoy breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. Not to mention, it offers cosy accommodation if you wish to take some rest midway.

Besides, the Lake District is your ideal destination if your spouse is a fan of British Literature.

And that’s because the famous poet William Wordsworth once resided here, and his house is open for tourists. Furthermore, take up a steamy cruiser tour and create your own Titanic moment in nature’s lap. Or how about an afternoon tea in a country house?

Get Married by the Loch and Climb Ben Nevis Together

Start this new journey, an adventure of a lifetime in Scotland. Grasp the fantastic yet challenging opportunity of climbing Ben Nevis together. It is situated in Lochaber and is around 1.5 miles from Fort William, a part of the Grampian mountains in Scotland. Once you reach the top, you will be enthralled by one of the most beautiful views in the world. Beware, it is going to be freaking cold at the height of 1345m. Therefore, do not forget to wrap yourself in multiple layers.

Besides, the best way to get to Ben Nevis is to simply book a hotel in Fort William or in Glen Nevis near a campsite to reach their visitor centre.

Adding to the adventure, you may exchange your wedding vows once again, but this time as per the Scottish culture. Moreover, if you dreamt of a destination wedding in Scotland, you have an excellent opportunity to fulfil that dream. In Scotland, you can plan a wedding anywhere you wish, in a castle, on a boat, by the loch, or on a mountainside!

Loch Lomond is an island where couples go to get married at the waterfront. The island is situated on a beautiful site and also offers luxury accommodation for the minimoon couples. Besides, you can relish on Scottish wine and cuisine as they are mouth-watering good. Arrange a romantic candle-lit dinner date near the waterfront or in a castle.

Stay in a Luxury Manor in the Midlands

A trip to the Midlands can be your private fairytale getaway. The West Midlands is home to the world’s most famous museums and one of the elitist playwrights, Shakespeare. You may also enjoy watching one of his plays in the theatres. Besides you can attend a concert at the famous Birmingham Symphony Hall with your life partner. This is a perfect location for couples who love to learn more about British culture and history.

Moreover, it has an incredible heritage of castles and country houses. Adding to your ecstasy, newly married couples can rejoice in the luxury of staying at these heritage sights turned into hotels. Enjoy the classic life in the English countryside by booking a luxury Midlands manor all to yourself. You may also enjoy a royal spa and several British delicacies with a marvellous landscape in the backdrop.

Staying in the Midlands will give you the chance to explore the beautiful counties of Warwickshire and Birmingham. Not to mention, this destination is situated in the heart of England and has an endless list of landscapes worth exploring. Who knows, by the end of the trip you may fall in love with your spouse even more.

Enjoy the Cornwall Coastline

Enjoy the long and dreamy days with the love of your life amidst Cornwall’s most romantic hideaways. The best part of the destination is that it keeps you away from the chaos of the world. In short, it is a whole different universe, and planning a minimoon there can get you to live the fairytale fantasy of your life.

Besides, the Cornwall coastline is composed of granite cliffs, small rocky coves, and headlands, sand dunes and beaches. Indeed, it is the coziest honeymoon retreat ever. You can book a hotel just next to the coastline and snuggle together while enjoying a glass of wine in a comfortable armchair. The tranquil views are worth dying for!

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you found your ideal destination we just discussed. All these locations offer the sweetest and most romantic vibes to kickstart the new phase of your life. So, what are you waiting for? Just book the tickets in advance to avoid the eleventh-hour rush. Plan your journey and give your spouse the most fabulous memories right after your big day.


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