4 Delightful Tactics To Make Your Wedding Special: Groom Edition

“It’s my big day!” It’s a phrase we hear a lot from brides. In fact, it’s even used as justification for turning into a Bridezilla. Sadly, the groom often gets overlooked in all the hubbub of planning the day. Which is kind of silly if you think about it, because you need two people to get married, and it’s meant to be an equal partnership! With that in mind, I’ve come up with some unique ways of making the big day as special for him, as it is for you. Read on to find out what they are. 

Commission him a custom suit 

How much time and money goes into finding the perfect dress, only to have the groom rent his suit for the day? Of course, this is hardly fair and can even make the groom feel as if he is a less important part of the wedding. 

To that end, why not invest in something like these custom suits for men for the big day? Then he can choose the color, pattern, and materials his suit is made of, giving it a similar amount of attention to the wedding dress. 

Additionally, a custom-fit suit will always look and fit better because they are made to his specific measurements. Something that is guaranteed to make it feel his best on the day, and make sure you get some pretty awesome photos as well. 

Let him choose the cake

Instead of taking over every part of the wedding planning, getting your groom involved can be the best approach. In fact, there is even a trend at the moment to have two wedding cakes, the second one entirely chosen by the groom to represent his interests and passions. 

Some brides even choose to have a groom’s cake made as a surprise, something that can make the day even more special. Just be sure to pick his favorite cake and buttercream flavor!  

Arrange a transport surprise

Another fabulous way of making your wedding more special for the groom is to arrange a transportation surprise. That is how they will get to the venue or church. In fact, there is a vast range of options here, including hiring a classic or exotic car for your groom. 

Some brides even choose to go one further and arrange a horse ride, or even a helicopter flight, if their venue allows it! 

Present him with a groom gift 

Finally, you can also make your wedding day truly special for your groom by presenting him with a gift. In fact, the tradition is that he opens this just before the ceremony, with it being a tender reminder of how much he means to you. 

Of course, it is entirely up to you as to what gift you will provide. With some brides choosing a keepsake such as cufflinks or a hip flask. A tankard that he can use at the reception can be a good choice too. 

Others go for a more risque option, such as pictures from a boudoir shoot. Something that can make the big day special indeed for your groom. Just be sure to mark the package for his eyes only! 


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