Traditional or Modern Wedding Ceremony?

Wedding Ceremony

When you love someone you want to share eternity with that person. And nothing shows this commitment more than choosing to get married. In all cultures, there is a way, or maybe a method that is used to signify that two individuals have chosen to be partners.

The Traditional Wedding Ceremony

There are literary thousands of “traditional” wedding ceremonies. This is because each group of people has its own way of celebrating the union. Thus essentially the ceremony is only un-traditional when it is not in line with the norms of the community. Meaning that you can have a traditional Scottish or Kenyan wedding even though you do not belong to these cultures. And it would be a traditional marriage.

Modern Wedding Ceremonies

In the age that we live there are people that are coming up with really innovative ways of tying the knot, so to speak. Some of these ways are completely outrageous and even against the very principles of marriage.

The world has become more tolerant than it has ever been. This has allowed a lot of people to fully express themselves. When creativity runs free a lot of things that you could only imagine become a reality.

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