11 Unmatched Services Only the Best Wedding Photographers Offer

Hiring your regular wedding photographer is not the best option. You have to hire a team of professional wedding photographers and videographers who can go above and beyond to provide you with services you have never heard of before.

Keep reading as you will find out what you can miss if you don’t hire the best wedding photographers!

1.    360 Virtual reality recording

Do you know that you can relive your wedding anniversary with 360 VR video recording? By hiring a professional videographer you get the VR footage of your wedding that you can watch easily with your loved ones – and it’s a specialty that an average wedding photographer cannot offer.

2.    Live Streaming of ceremonies

COVID-19 travel restrictions can stop your guests from attending your wedding ceremony. You can include your family members living away from you in your wedding moments by hiring a wedding photography agency that provides live streaming services.

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3.    Stunning Drone shots

Drone shots add depth to wedding photography and allow you to get the details that could get unnoticed otherwise. Adding drone shots to your Wedding Photography package gives you the chance to enjoy the top-view of your wedding ceremonies.

4.    2-in-1 coverage

What if you hire different teams of photographers and videographers for your wedding? When hiring separate teams, staying in touch with both teams and getting the right results will become difficult. However, a professional wedding photography team can provide you with both photo and video services in the same package.

5.    Keepsake albums and wall prints

The best thing about hiring specialist wedding photographers is that they keep your memories safe with keepsake albums and wall prints. You can also order custom prints for a more realistic feeling.

6.    Same day editing service

You’ll have to wait for several days to get your edited photos and videos if you hire an average wedding photographer. However, if you hire a professional, you will get your edited images and videos on the same day!

7.    Different day photoshoots

A professional team of wedding photographers will take your photos and videos on different days. This service will help you capture your best moments through the eye of the camera!

8.    Cutting-edge technology

Underwater drones and medium format cameras are advanced tools that only professional wedding photographers use. These specific tools help you take advantage of the cutting-edge tech for your wedding ceremony.

9.    A Professional photo booth

A team of professional wedding photographers will also set an amazing photo booth at your wedding ceremony. This photo booth will help you get stunning photos with your esteemed guests. Cameramen will be there to assist you in the photo booth.

10. No time limit

Unlike a regular wedding photographer, when you hire the best wedding photographer for your wedding, you will not have to worry about the time left as they will be there with you to cover every single moment!

11. Worldwide support

What if you plan on arranging your wedding ceremonies in different parts of the world? Hiring a team of professional photographers will help you get stunning photos and videos worldwide as the team will assist you everywhere!


Choosing the best wedding photographers over average photographers will allow you to get the best services. Make sure you only go with pros if you want a truly different experience!