10 Special Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

We all know that one couple – tastefully decorated house, great taste and everything else they might need or want. When it comes time for their wedding, you’re lost for what to get them. A blender isn’t on their registry, and you’ve got no idea what to get them. Here are some special wedding gifts ideas you can give to the couple who seems to have everything already!

Surprise video gift: Nothing is more special than the memories you have spent with someone. It holds the moments that are priceless and unforgettable, presenting them a surprise video gift that will have a personal touch will be the one of the best surprises.

Toddler bike for the newborn. As future parents, newly weds will need something to entertain the kids. Why not get them a toddler bike? Balance bikes are a great way for parents to introduce a child to riding a bike. They are safe and allow toddlers to enjoy riding without having to worry about pedaling. This will set them up for future success, as they develop the basic motor skills to tackle a push bike.

A cozy blanket. No one can have too many blankets! What better way to celebrate a couple’s new journey together than with a unique blanket that commemorates their wedding? A blanket with their wedding date embroidered on it is a great personalized wedding gift you can give a newlywed couple. Consider what colors they have in their home and choose a color for the blanket that compliments their interior decor scheme. If you’re unsure what would go well, a blanket in a neutral color, such as white or gray, is always a good idea!

A map of their first date location. There are lots of unique prints that are great for newlyweds. Some include maps of different cities. Find out from the couple where their first date was, then have a custom map printed with a heart or some other marker placed where their first date was! You can include their names on the bottom and describe what the marker is (ie, first date) plus the date. Other options include where they got engaged, the location of their first place together or even where they adopted their first pet from. The possibilities are endless! No matter what, the couple will be grateful for such a sweet and unique gift that is personal to them.

A set of matching face masks. Personalized face masks and hand sanitizers are all the rage as wedding favors and gifts these days! Whether you’re getting them for a newlywed couple or as personalized bridesmaid gifts, matching face masks are a great investment for groups of all shapes and sizes. With no telling how long it’ll be until we’re allowed to go to public places without them, having a variety of face masks on hand for emergencies or going to and from the grocery store is a must. What better gift to give a new couple than face masks they can use to show off their commitment to each other?

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Engraved champagne flutes. While this gift might be better suited for a bridal shower, there’s nothing that says you can’t give a couple their gift early – especially if you’re unable to attend the actual ceremony or reception, but still want to send a gift in your stead. A set of engraved Mr & Mrs champagne flutes is a unique gift they can use on their wedding day and for many years to come. Whether they break out the champagne on anniversaries and special occasions, or use them just because, the flutes will get many uses throughout the years. Besides, who says champagne flutes are just for champagne?

An engraved picture frame. The happy couple definitely paid a pretty penny for a professional photographer to take life-long photos of their event. An engraved picture frame for them to place any of their portfolio photos in is a unique idea for you to give the newlyweds. Consider getting them two – one in a portfolio (vertical) shape and another in landscape (horizontal) shape. Since bridal portraits come in both sizes, the couple doesn’t have to stress over which photos to print – this way, they can print them all and switch out the photos from each frame throughout the years!

A portrait of their (fur)baby. There’s a pretty good chance the newlyweds have a pupper or two lying around their home – so why not get them a unique watercolor or digital print of their furbaby as a wedding gift? They’ve probably got hundreds of photos of their doggo, but they might not have something as unique as a cartoon digital print of their favorite pet. They’ll love it, and there’s a pretty good chance the print will make its way to front and center of their gallery wall!

Monogrammed golf towels. This one’s definitely for the outdoorsy and sporty couple! Monogrammed everything is crucial for new couples – most of them are now sharing the same last name! While you might often see them listed as part of groomsmen gift ideas, there’s no reason why a wedding guest can’t give a matching set to the newlyweds. If the couple is vacationing at a golf resort for their honeymoon, they’re sure to golf in style.

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A welcome mat. No guest will forget who’s house their at with a welcome mat personalized with their wedding date on it! This sweet and fun wedding gift idea is perfect for the couple who seems to have everything because it’s an item not always thought about by others. Whether the couple has been looking for a way to refresh their entryway decor or they’re moving into their first home together, a personalized welcome mat is always a welcomed gift!

A personalized candle. Personalize the candle label with a photo of the couple, their names or even their wedding date for a special gift. Whether they light it on special occasions or let it sit out in the center of their living room to burn on the regular, their unique candle will always be remembered. You can even create your own custom scent at a local candle store! Just talk with the associate about wanting to create a completely custom candle for the happy couple, and they’ll love to help to craft a scent that is perfect for their new journey together.

A wooden serving tray. Monogrammed with their last initial and wedding date, a wooden serving tray can be used for more than just breakfast in bed! Whether they place their keys or dog leashes on it, or they use it out by the grill for summer barbeques, a wooden serving tray is a great idea for the couple who’s already got it all.

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